‘the Flash’ Actor Ezra Miller Cited for Felony Burglary After Allegedly Stealing Alcohol From a Vermont Home

Ezra M. Miller, star of “The Flash,” is being investigated for allegedly stealing wine from a Vermont residence in May while the owners were abroad.

According to a press release, Vermont State Police have determined that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute the actor with criminal burglary of an unoccupied dwelling in the town of Stamford.
According to a press statement, officers responded to a probable burglary at the property on May 1 and discovered many bottles of alcohol were missing. The release states that surveillance footage and witness accounts provided the police with probable cause to file charges against Miller, but provides no other information.
According to state police spokesperson Adam Silverman, the actor who has played The Flash in many DC superhero flicks was issued a citation on Sunday.
Star of “The Flash,” Ezra Miller, detained for allegedly disruptive behavior
According to the announcement, Miller will be arraigned on the burglary allegation on September 26 in Vermont Superior Court.
However, CNN has yet to receive a response from Miller’s camp.

The actor will soon be seen in a DC Films adaptation of “The Flash.” Warner Bros. Discovery, the parent company of CNN, also owns DC Films.
Miller was arrested in Hilo, Hawaii in March for an altercation that occurred in a pub, and he was charged with disorderly conduct and harassment. A court document from April 19 shows that the actor pled no contest to the disorderly behavior charge and paid a $500 fine. A complaint of harassment was dropped.

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