Who Is Dominating The Fortnite Community? Unveiling The Ranked Leaderboards!

With the release of the Fortnite 24.40 update, the long-awaited Ranked mode has been added to the game. The Season Zero of Ranked mode has begun, and the Fortnite community is already grinding the different Ranked tiers in the Battle Royale and Zero Build modes to earn free rewards while gauging their standing as a player within the Fortnite community.

While playing ranked matches and leveling up the Ranked tier is one way to gauge your standing in the Fortnite community, it does not provide a detailed history of your Ranked matches. The Fortnite Ranked Leaderboards come into play at this point. Continue reading as we discuss the Fortnite Ranked mode Leaderboard and how to use it to determine your position in the community. Let’s explore the Fortnite Ranked Leaderboards.


What Exactly Are The Ranked Leaderboards For Fortnite?

The purpose of the Ranked Leaderboards in Fortnite is to display your past Ranked match history while also organizing the matches into meaningful data and ranking you based on that data.

Fortnite Ranked Leaderboards
Fortnite Ranked Leaderboards

The Ranked Leaderboards in Fortnite are intended to function analogously to the Normal Leaderboards already included in the game. These leaderboards will display your position about the best players in the community.

How To View Your Fortnite Rank On The Leaderboards?

As of the writing of this guide, Fortnite Ranked Season Zero has begun, but it lacks a Leaderboards function. We anticipate a Ranked Mode Leaderboard to be added to the Career section of the game in conjunction with the upcoming Ranked Season 1 release.

HYPERX posted about the Fortnite ranked mode 0 beginning. Check out the tweet below.

You cannot compare your rank in Ranked mode with other players beyond your Tier. However, we will update this guide section when the game adds the feature.

How To Access Fortnite Leaderboards

Here is how to check Fortnite’s Leaderboards:

  • Open Fortnite.
  • In the main lobby, the ‘Career’ tab can be accessed by clicking on it.
  • Click the ‘Profile’ button at the bottom of the page.

That is all. In the Profile section, you will find the Fortnite Leaderboards and the options to filter and compare your performance to that of the community’s best players.

What Will The Ranks Be In The Ranked Mode Of Fortnite?

The ranks are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Champion, and Unreal. Each tier will contain three tiers, ranging from Bronze to Diamond, whereas Elite, Champion, and Unreal will only contain one. Start with Bronze, then advance to Silver, and finally, Gold. Repeat this process in Gold, Platinum, and Diamond to unlock the Elite level in the game. After reaching Elite, Champion, and Unreal, you must prove your worth against the absolute best. When you reach Unreal, you will remain there throughout that season’s rankings.

Fortnite Ranked Leaderboards
Fortnite Ranked Leaderboards

When you reach Unreal, a number that represents your global standing among other Unreal players will be assigned to you. You can view your position in Battle Royale and Zero Build on the Unreal leaderboard. This frequently updated leaderboard will display each player’s Epic display name and Unreal position.

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Will There Be Rewards For Ranked Players?

You will receive a Ranked Urgent Quest upon exiting the Battle Bus during a ranked match. Completing Ranked Urgent Quests grants access to seasonal cosmetic rewards. Each match has a unique Ranked Urgent Quest, and switching games resets your progress on these quests. The final reward of Season Zero is the Burn Bright Emote. When this Emote is enabled, the player’s current rank is displayed as a colored bar (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.), which is ideal for displaying how far you’ve climbed the ranks.

Conclusion: Introducing the Ranked mode in Fortnite has added a new level of competitiveness. While detailed match history and leaderboards are unavailable, players eagerly climb the ranks and earn rewards. The progression system features various tiers, aiming to reach the Unreal rank. Completing Ranked Urgent Quests grants access to cosmetic rewards. Stay tuned for updates on leaderboards and enjoy the thrilling challenge of Fortnite’s Ranked mode.

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