12 Minutes Walkthrough and Endings Explained & More Detail!

A 12 Minutes walkthrough will make it easier to understand this baffling puzzle game and all of its possible outcomes. The star-studded cast hides a simple point-and-click adventure that hides its clues and makes progress a needle in a haystack. Because of the mechanics of the time loop, you may have to play the game several times before you can try out a new strategy.

To break the story’s endless loop, you’ll need to do everything in this guide. Except for the things you must do, this guide is spoiler-free through loop 7. Even then, you won’t see anything about the story or plot until it becomes impossible to move forward without mentioning something.


12 Minutes intro

The game begins with you in a corridor. The key to your apartment may be hidden in a fake rock in your pot plant.

12 Minutes Loop 1

Skip to the end if you want to trigger the 12 Minutes Listen ending right away. Otherwise, take a look around the apartment, have a chat with your wife, and if all goes well, you’ll be treated to dessert and a gift from her. Don’t say or do anything when the cop arrives; let the loop play out.

Whenever you get the chance in this loop or any of the following ones, make sure to talk to your wife about the book she’s reading when you get a spare moment. It’s useful for one end, which we’ll cover when we get to it.

12 Minutes Loop 2

This time, sneak into the closet before your wife emerges from the bathroom and closes the door behind you. Because she won’t be aware of your presence, you’ll learn more about what’s going on when the cop arrives. Restart the loop by leaving the apartment once everything has played out.

12 Minutes Loop 3

You now have all the information you need to move forward based on what you learned in the previous two loops.

The ‘Prove the day is restarting’ option should be selected after talking to your wife. Select the window to inform her that it’s going to thunder soon after that. Until then, you’re stuck.

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Once you’ve retrieved the gift from the drawer, it’s time to show her. If you follow her out the door, you can talk about her father and the watch, but she is almost always enraged and storms off.

12 Minutes Loop 4

When you have the information from the previous loop, you’ll be able to ask your wife more detailed questions about the past now.

As a first step, open the medicine cabinet’s ventilation vent with your keys. If your wife sees what you’re up to, she might storm out of the house.

Ask your wife about the past and tell her you to know where the watch is.

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To get her to open up to you about the Polaroid photo on the fridge, you’ll need to prove that you’re in a time loop once more.

You have the option of letting the loop run its course or resetting the loop by leaving the apartment.

12 Minutes Loop 5

Grab a Polaroid camera from the fridge and go over the new options for questioning your wife about the past with the information you’ve gathered.

Sinister string music will begin to play when you’ve covered everything. After a while, your wife will complain about how she can’t stand the silence and then leave you all by herself.

12 Minutes Loop 6

Now that you’ve collected enough to make significant progress in the loop, it’s time to get to work. If the 12 Minutes Coward Achievement sounds appealing, proceed to the section after this one if you’re interested in completing it. It’s probably the worst thing you can accomplish in the game.

To begin, grab your Polaroid camera and two mugs.

Fill the mug with water from the sink with a mug that has the pills in it when your wife comes out of the bathroom.

Make sure the light is on in the bedroom before giving the wife the drugged water. If she goes to bed after taking the pills, she will turn the switch off, which will make it ready to electrocute the next person who touches it.

Wait in the closet with the door closed.

You’ll be electrocuted by the cop when he goes to check on your wife after he searches your apartment. You’ll need quick reflexes for the next step, even if you have to repeat this loop a few times to finish everything.

Take everything you can from the officer while he’s unconscious. Put zip ties on him and shoot him in the leg with the gun. As long as you keep your end of the bargain, he won’t cooperate and will get up to headbutt you unconscious if he gets the chance.


Talk to the cop until you’ve exhausted all of your options. You may have already discussed a nanny with the wife, but if you’re not sure, show him the Polaroid, which should eliminate any remaining conversation options.

Check your phone after you’ve finished talking and dial the Bumblebee phone number you found in the messages. If you run out of time and the loop resets, do that first before checking the messages. If you still have the opportunity, you can inquire about the illness of his daughter, which you learned about via text messages on his phone. However, he will not divulge any information.

If you can’t finish everything in one go, you may have to go through the process again.

12 Minutes Loop 7

Having Bumblebee’s number enables the 12 Minutes Groundhog Day achievement, so if you’d like to see it, you can do so by heading to the end of the game.

Do what you have to do to prove to your wife that the day is resetting. To shed light on his relationship with her father, you must first tell her about the cop.

The Polaroid proves she didn’t kill him, so go back to the previous topic and talk about her past.

Ask her about her father’s affair and how her mother learned of it, and then ask her about her past. Then inquire about the nanny’s child, where the nanny’s brother maybe, and finally, who killed her father. In addition to what you’ve already discussed, several other conversion options aren’t critical at this point.

Right now, that’s the only thing you can do. When the cop arrives, you’ll hear a slightly different exchange of words.

12 Minutes Game
12 Minutes Game

12 Minutes Loop 8

Using the phone while your wife is in the bathroom, you can prove that the day has restarted and that your wife didn’t kill her father, as well as the arrival of a police officer, all in one go.

Let Bumblebee know that her father is going to arrest your wife and she’s innocent. That will persuade her to make the call to her father. Wait for the cop to arrive and discuss the situation with your wife.


Take a step back and not do anything. While you’re waiting for the cop, you’ll be able to hear him on the phone down the hall.

Allow the action to unfold, and your wife will be able to use the Polaroid to prove her innocence in the murder. He will explain what he is doing, your wife will hand him the watch and mention the word “monster” at some point during his conversation. Once she realizes what you’re getting at, she’ll tell you that it’s a nickname for her younger brother.

While it may appear to be a satisfying conclusion, the story isn’t over yet.

12 Minutes Loop 9

You can now prove that the day is restarting with the brother’s knowledge by repeating the process described above. Tell your wife that the day is repeating, talk about your brother, and go through the motions of the conversation again and again.

Bumblebee will call the police for you if you tell her that your wife is innocent.

Your wife will be able to tell you more about the brother who is suspected of being the killer if you ask her about it. Return to your previous topic and tell your wife why you need her watch, and then sit tight until the police officer shows up if you prefer.

You’ll have the same conversation with the cop as before, but this time you can mention the nanny. Just before the loop restarts, that will reveal she had a flowery name that begins with “D.

12 Minutes Loop 10

Pull out the baby clothes from the drawer and then show that the day has started over. Then you can tell Bumblebee she’s a victim of a scam. Once again, you and your wife should talk about the wait for the police. Continue talking, but this time, when the nanny comes up, take out the baby clothes and show them to the cop.12 Minutes Loop 11You’re going to a new place. It doesn’t matter what happens if you wait for this to play out.

12 Minutes loop 12

You’ll be back at your apartment soon. Let this happen, too.

12 Minutes Loop 13

The 12 Minutes Alone ending and the 12 Minutes Blissful Ignorance ending are both available at this point. There are two options: the first will allow you to continue and restart the game with your progress intact, while the second would require you to start from the beginning. It’s also possible to unlock the 12 Minutes Confessed trophy.

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Only continue reading if you want to know how to trigger these events, as the rest of the game is all endings and achievements after this.

12 Minutes Listen ending (Can Continue)

Nothing should be done in the initial loop. Everything will come to an end if you just wait it out. When you leave the apartment, the wife will tell you that she has something else to tell you, but she won’t go into detail.

12 Minutes Alone ending (Can Continue)

Look at the pocket watch in the restroom. When you see the hands turning backward, you’ll realize you’re back where you started. Alone ends if you select the option “Maybe it’s better than we aren’t together.” Declare your want to remain a unit to rejoin the discussion.

12 Minutes Blissful ignorance ending (can’t continue, full restart)

Look at the watch in the restroom to find your way back to the other location. Activate a new discussion by clicking on the red book that your wife was reading earlier. Wait for the end to happen and don’t bother with the possibility to change your decision.

12 Minutes Continue ending

After any of the game’s endings that allow it, you’ll be taken back to the beginning of the game in a similar corridor. However, there will be no other doors, and you’ll have the key.

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The flat is empty, but the watch is still hanging in the bathroom exhaust vent. Grab it and drag it to two minutes before twelve by clicking and dragging the huge hand. There is no need for her to know that when the silver hand reaches it, you will be returned to the previous location where you can choose to be with her and the loop will not be broken.

12 Minutes Coward achievement

Take one set of zip ties and handcuff the cop after you have him unconscious on the floor; if you take anything else, the ending won’t work. You should tell the cop that you’re innocent when he wakes up and accept his help when he offers it. He’ll ask for the watch after getting up and untying his hands. Make your way to the couch when he asks for your location. Afterward, he’ll shoot his wife and ask for her phone number. For those who haven’t found it, take the wife’s phone out of the closet and watch the drama unfold.

12 Minutes Groundhog Day achievement

Your father wants to purchase the watch for Bumblebee so that she can get better. If he receives the call this time, he will immediately depart and not even open the door to answer. Say it’s time for dessert, and when she gives you the present, tell her how excited you are about it and how amazing it is going to be. Tell her you to love her if she invites you to dance and if she says she notices a difference between you and how you used to be. Until the loop is reset, you can join her in bed.

12 Minutes Confessed achievement

Call Bumblebee and convince her that your wife is innocent after going through the alternatives to prove that the day is restarting. Afterward, tell your wife that you are her brother, or that you killed her father, depending on how she responds to the information.

Next, decide whether or not you’ll own your guilt and apologize. A police officer will arrive in a few minutes. It won’t be long before your wife and the cop start chatting about you. Then tell him that you killed her father and that your wife is your sister while denying any wrongdoing.

Final option: admit the blame and hand him the timepiece. Let the rest of the story unfold as it does for the Confessed finale.

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