Game Informer Editors Start New Venture Minn Max & More Detail!

MinnMax, a new project from a group of former Game Informer editors, is all about friends, games, and talking about games.

Former employees of Game Informer have announced their new collaboration on MinnMax, a new project. Several Game Informer editors and writers have joined the MinnMax team after losing their jobs in August as parent company GameStop began restructuring to fix its finances.

He said in a video last week that MinnMax would be a place where friends who enjoy video games could gather and discuss their favorite titles. With a subtitle like “where to love games, friends and getting better,” MinnMax’s official YouTube page confirms its video and podcast format.

Other former Game Informer employees, such as former senior associate editors Kyle Hilliard and Jeff Marchifava, and former associate editor Suriel Vazquez, are appearing in these videos and podcasts as guests or contributors.

MinnMax is funded by Patreon backers, and it appears that many of them are pleased to make a financial contribution to the project. 1,444 Patrons have pledged $7,834 in the four days since the MinnMax video was uploaded to YouTube. To get access to the MinnMax Discord and play an online game with a MinnMax contributor once a month, patrons can pay as little as $2 per month.

On top of that, the MinnMax team wants to raise $13,000 per month so that they can move out of their basement studio and into a “real,” professional-sounding space. Fans of GameStop and Game Informer have been vocal in their support of the team, which is more than halfway to its goal.

When Hanson said, “Corporations can fall apart, but communities don’t have to,” one YouTube commenter, DylanCisGood4Me, wrote, “Goosebumps.” While some people were saddened by the Game Informer layoffs, others said they were “excited” to see where MinnMax goes and what podcasts and videos the team produces.

Game Informer
Game Informer

GameStop’s plans to spruce up its retail locations to draw in more customers appear doomed. The layoffs at MinnMax, however, will be welcomed by many as a positive outcome of the retailer’s financial difficulties and layoffs.

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