Hurdle Is a Multi-stage Wordle Game of Survival & More Update!

Another Wordle clone is added to our ever-growing list of top Wordle substitutes. Hurdle, on the other hand, sticks with the tried-and-true formula while presenting you with five new games in a row.

Unlike another Wordle clone called Heardle, Hurdle is geared toward people who find the idea of guessing one word a day to be too restrictive. As a result, you must overcome four hurdles before you can see the final word.

Since the answer to each puzzle will be the initial guess for the next, you won’t be able to use the finest possible Wordle start words for the majority of these puzzles.

For the last word, all four of the typical guess spaces are already filled with the previous accurate words, leaving you with only two chances to discover the final solution and finish the series. If you fall here or at an earlier Hurdle, you’re out and will have to try again tomorrow.

Otherwise, we’re back to the well-loved Wordle. Five-letter word: You’re given six guesses to figure out what it might be. Every letter that is placed correctly is coloured green, whereas a letter that is placed incorrectly is coloured yellow.

Work backwards from there and see if there are any gaps. To put it another way, you should be able to get by with the standard Wordle methods.

Hurdle Game
Hurdle Game

Whether or whether you love this new twist is entirely dependent on your attitude toward completing a Wordle. My winning streak is safe for another 24 hours at least, but Hurdle presents a new challenge right away, and the pressure is back on again. However, I wouldn’t call it a relaxing experience.

Even though you have to guess one word at a time, it’s less stressful than the battle royale multiplayer Squabble, and unlike Dordle, Quordle, and Octordle, you just have to guess one word at a time. Also, it’s easier to use than Semantle, which asks you to determine the semantic similarity of words before attempting to find out the meaning.

Setting the mystery word is an option if you’d like a break from speculating. Instead, you’ll be marking your work with Adverswordle, which will use that information to do exhaustive searches. Or, you could just use Wordle Unlimited to create words for your buddies and enjoy watching them work up a sweat.

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