One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoilers: Imu Exposes Vivi Actual Pedigree And The “D” Family Biggest Name

The first One Piece chapter 1085 spoilers were made public today, bringing a thrilling (albeit brief) glimpse at the happenings in the future issue. Fans are tremendously eager to know what happens next since one of the longest-running and most fascinating narrative lines olf the New World saga is being addressed in author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda’s manga series.

This feeling is very reasonable as we approach the publication week for One Piece chapter 1085, especially given how captivating the Reverie flashback has been thus far.

One Piece chapter 1085 is the first new content fans have seen for the series since mid-May, further heightening the excitement. The series was also on a break last week. While the wait has undoubtedly been lengthy, fans appear to be getting a significant reward for their perseverance, according to the following claimed issue spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1085’s Spoilers Suggest

The chief series leaker, one Piece chapter 1085, reportedly confirmed spoilers state that Lily Nefertari’s full name is revealed in the issue. Her shocking full name, Nefertari D. Lily, makes her the first D. clan member from the Void Century that fans know.

Then, according to spoilers, Imu shoots Cobra, Nefertari, and Sabo with a “black arrow,” implying that Sabo has already entered the Empty Throne chamber. The chapter’s supposed title, Nefertari Cobra D!es, further supports the idea that Cobra will be m*rdered in this issue.

Here is a tweet about Chapter 1,085 first spoilers. You can see the tweet below:

Then, according to the claimed spoilers for One Piece chapter 1085, Imu learns that Wapol is somehow eavesdropping on the conference, which causes Wapol to flee after being detected. Then, after fleeing away from Imu, Wapol enters the chamber where they are to catch Vivi Nefertari.

The chapter ends with Cobra requesting that Sabo inform Monkey D. Luffy and his daughter Vivi that the Nefertaris are “from the D. family.” The spoilers conclude by stating there won’t be a break the next week, which is shockingly fantastic news given the historical events that will allegedly occur in the subsequent release.

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While there are more rumors regarding One Piece chapter 1085, Redon, the primary series leaker, has not yet verified them. It’s also possible that they will turn out to be untrue while appearing to be accurate and coming from a reasonably reliable source later in the spoiler process.

Based on these further spoilers, Cobra sees the name “Imu” as close to the last name of one of the 20 founding Kings of the World Government. However, the fact that Cobra is slain before he can continue his sentence indicates his assumption is correct.

One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoilers
One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoilers

Additionally, Imu’s strike points to the existence of a Devil Fruit and describes its precise composition. Based on the events in the issue, the Gorosei also appear to possess Devil Fruits, as “monster shadows” cover them when Sabo strikes them. This idea is furthered by the claim that each shadow is unique. Taking these One Piece chapter 1085 spoilers with a grain of salt is advised, as they have not yet been verified.

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