Online Game Rust Is Randomly Assigning Genders to Players & More Update!

When some Rust users log in to the game, they find that their avatar has changed gender. Since Rust was first released in 2013, its developer Facepunch Studios has added female character models to the game, which was previously exclusively male.

The firm is also randomly assigning gender to players based on their SteamID. This means that when playing Rust, you have no option except to play as either a guy or woman.

It’s a sensitive issue for many individuals, the studio said. “We understand that you may suddenly be a gender you don’t identify with in the actual world.

Your distress and desire to quit the game are quite understandable, and we are here for you whenever you need us. Technically, nothing has changed, as half of the population was already experiencing these emotions in some form or another before now.

Rust Game
Rust Game

The only difference is that your SteamID now determines whether or not you feel this way.”

Despite the fact that Rust’s avatars aren’t as configurable as in many other online games, this decision is in keeping with the game’s evolution.

Players were given new skin tones at random last year when the game introduced additional races to the virtual globe (before, all characters were white).

The designer Garry Newman once said, “You can’t change your skin colour or your visage; just as in real life, you are who you are…. Each character’s penis was randomised later in the game.

Players were surprised by the randomness of the fresh additions in each scenario. In an interview with Polygon last year, Newman said, “I am not a fan of talking about things much before executing them.”

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