Rust Update March 2022 and Pc Patch Notes With Latest News

A new Rust update is now available for the PC version of the game, bringing the most recent bug patches and content drops.

On March 3, the Rust update will begin rolling out on Steam, and gamers will soon have full access to the latest release of the hit survival game.

(The official patch notes are now available at the bottom of this post.)



Here’s what we know so far regarding the March 2022 Rust update and the development team’s patch notes: Server Tag Filtering has been confirmed to be included in today’s Rust patch, which means you’ll spend less time browsing through all of the many options accessible.

More information can be found in the official patch notes, however, 13 tags can be utilized to ensure you discover the server of your desires. Developers for Rust have also confirmed that a variety of quality-of-life enhancements are in the works, including a change to decay rates and inventory adjustments. New Models are being added to the game as well, with the full list anticipated to be released later this month.


The development team is also working on a variety of lighting improvements for the game, including greater visual support for Night Vision Goggle. More information, including the latest on the new bug fixes, will be released later today. This will be accomplished through the release of official patch notes on social media platforms, which will provide a comprehensive overview of the month’s most significant changes.

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  • Added support for tag filtering to the server browser
  • Added new in-game music
  • Added 14 new world models
  • Updated loading screen


  • Some vehicles now have better representations of the arms and bodies.
  • Animation of the keycards in the third person has been improved.
  • Open doors cannot be reskinned anymore
  • Regardless of ammo or attachments, you may now swap between the Ice Rifle skin and the regular one.
  • Support for endless scrolling has been added. MIDI knob Conv binds (see MidiConvar.BindKnobRelative convar)
  • Players can only glance up so far when looking down on the Internet. Now, things can die (fixes Water Barrel,
  • Water Catcher, Above Ground Pool, Boom box, CCTV, Connected Speaker, Counter, Disco Floor, Sprinkler, Wind Mill, Car Lift, Paddling Pool, SAM turret, Search Light, Smart Alarm, Solar Panel, Sound Lights, Telephone, Water Pump not decaying when placed outside of a base)
  • Removed the bound for slot 8
  • The “Holster Item” input bound has been given a new name.
  • This means that when you enter your inventory, the belt that you are now wearing will be selected by default
    The degradation time of a modular car is four times longer than that of a conventional vehicle – 800 Minutes or more.
  • When recording a cassette, the local player’s voice loudness is increased.
  • It is safer to drive a junkyard magnet crane.
  • When the Junkyard Magnet Crane is not in use, it consumes 80 percent less fuel and 25 percent less fuel when it is not carrying anything on its magnet.
  • In-game settings now include Always Sprint. Sprint key behavior is reversed if enabled. To return to walking speed, the player must press and hold the sprint key.
  • Enhancement of illumination in Oxum’s Gas Station, the Supermarket, the Bandit Camp, and the Launch Site
    Built-in lighting in the Dark and Light Buildings offers a tiny bit of warmth now.
  • very dark volumes for map-making purposes.
  • The polar bear should no longer be allowed to move to warmer climates Pressure pads are now activated by horses.


  • Incorrect view models were being generated when changing weapons while gesturing (missing attachments)
  • Incorrectly deleting an item when changing apparel when the inventory was full has been fixed Pure Ore Teas leading to an ore node that yielded 1501-1505 resources were rounded incorrectly (now gives 1500)
  • Restored some of the radio stations that have been out of date.
  • Phenomenal ghost footsteps have been removed from playback.
  • If a fixed modular car had many engine modules, but one of those modules had no components, the vehicle would use no gasoline.
  • Lower framerates on servers cause a slower movement rate of the fixed magnet crane arm
  • When rotating the cabin, the fixed magnet crane driver does not appear to be in rhythm with the crane.
  • It may cause the driver to be injured if it was placed as close to the cabin as feasible.
  • When turning, the fixed magnet crane treads occasionally move in the wrong direction.
  • Modular vehicles and snowmobiles were able to fix the snowy edges of ice lakes that were also deemed ice.
  • Fixed a bug where the Tomah suspension would revert to the incorrect position if active updates were interrupted.
  • Rectified and patched up a CCTV bug
  • The BBQ looting exploit has been fixed.
  • An error in the description of a pickle jar has been corrected.
  • Fixed a bug in the Excavator problem that caused the player to perish if he logged out because the reset bounds exceeded the volume that was supposed to be prevented from being built.
  • The DLC industrial wall lights had a missing passthrough name fixed.
  • The oil seeks prize is now only 50 scrap.


  • Fuel for the Arctic basic snowmobile is no longer grade 20.
  • The snowmobile garage in the Arctic base no longer drops puzzle items.

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