Everything We Know About Sifu & More Detail!

All about the upcoming martial arts action game Sifu: from its film inspirations to its combat mechanics and storyline.

Sifu, a new, stylish kung fu action game, was one of the highlights of Sony’s latest State of Play livestream for PlayStation fans. Sloclap, the studio behind both Absolver and Sifu, is responsible for both games, so it’s understandable if some people thought they looked similar.

However, there are no further parallels. Sifu, on the other hand, appears to be a one-on-one experience that teaches players to become kung fu masters over the course of the game.

Sifu’s story and official developer information reveal a lot about the game, even though it was just announced. Here’s everything we know about Sifu so far, from its unique death mechanic to its martial arts film inspirations.


Sifu Game Release Date & Story

A new gameplay trailer from developer Sloclap revealed that the release date for Sifu has been pushed back to “early 2022” as of today, 7/8/21. The original story and the new trailer are provided below.

In Sifu, players take on the role of a young kung fu student seeking vengeance after their family is assassinated. There are gang-infested streets and cloud-piercing corporate towers to contend with as players hunt down the assailants in this fictitious Chinese metropolis.

The player’s character is protected from death by a magical pendant, but the price is that they lose years of their life. As the student ages, he or she becomes wiser and more capable. On an unspecified date in 2021, Sifu will be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC (via the Epic Games Store).

Sifu Game Combat & Gameplay Trailer

Players will use their fists, feet, and whatever makeshift weapons – like bottles and pipes – are available in the environment to fight off enemies in 3D brawler Sifu. The environments themselves will play a significant role in combat, as players can push enemies down stairs or over ledges to take on large groups of enemies. To overcome the odds, players must position themselves wisely and take advantage of every advantage they can.

Sifu Game Inspirations

Sifu is clearly influenced by kung fu and martial arts films, as evidenced by the game’s trailer. For Sifu’s design, Pierre Tarno and Jordan Layani cited Jackie Chan’s filmography, the 1981 Hong Kong martial arts film The Prodigal Son, and martial arts movies like The Raid as influences.
In addition, the game makes use of the author’s own life experiences. For the game’s action, Layani and the rest of the development team actually train in Bak Mei Kung Fu. The kung fu philosophy of mastery through practise is the inspiration for the mechanic’s idea of “dying” and re-emerging as an older and wiser person.
The preparation of a book isn’t the proper method for players to improve their abilities. It’s not meant to be a literal depiction of how long it takes to master a martial art.
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