3 Best Stock Market Simulators of 2022!

Having a thorough understanding of the stock market. Individuals with little or no experience investing in the market face a high risk of losing their money quickly.

Because of stock market simulators, you can practice without risking your own money. Without putting their own money at risk, investors can practice trading on the paper market.


What Are Stock Simulators?

Investors can test the stock market without actually buying or selling stocks by using a stock simulator. Clients can test their trading abilities in a demo or test account offered by some brokers. Using virtual money, clients can buy and sell stocks on a platform that mimics the real-world market. Real-time market data can be accessed by investors to see how their chosen investments perform.

With paper trading, you don’t have to worry about losing any money before you can try out new strategies. Because of the transparency that investing provides, investors can read angels to see how the market influences their decisions and make adjustments as a result.

The ability to pick and choose from a variety of companies and stocks in paper trading is another benefit for investors. Individuals can test their investment decisions under real-world market conditions by using the simulator’s provided play money.

Do Stock Market Simulators Help?

New investors can gain confidence and experience in the stock market with the help of stock simulators. If you’re going to invest your money, it’s a good idea to test out a few different approaches first. Paper trading allows people to experiment with new strategies before putting real money on the line.

Inexperienced investors may want to steer clear of stock investments, according to some financial experts. Investing in stocks and gauging the market can be difficult, so some people prefer a less risky option. For those who lack the confidence to pick individual stocks, a low-cost ETF or index fund portfolio is a good place to start.

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Stock simulators are a good way for investors to familiarise themselves with a particular platform if they plan to invest in the stock market. Using a stock simulator or a demo account is a good way to learn about stock trading without risking any money. Paper trading can help investors gain confidence in the stock market without putting any money at risk.

What Is the Best Stock Market Simulator?

It can often take years of practice to understand how the stock market works. There’s a lot to learn, and investing one’s own money in real stocks without understanding how the market works is often a risky proposition. When it comes to stock trading, there is always some element of risk, but simulators are free tools that can provide new investors with much-needed practice.

Simulators or demo accounts are designed to mimic real market conditions and exchange rates without the risk of incurring a financial loss. Depending on the type of investment they intend to make, each investor can select the simulator that best suits their needs. Some of the best stock market sims can be found below.

The Stock Market Game
The Stock Market Game

1. paperMoney by TD Ameritrade

TDAmeritrade has a stock simulator called paperMoney that can help investors learn how to find stocks and perform trades. For investors, Ameritrade’s real trading platform is a great way to see how trading works in the real world.

Why It Stands Out

Users can learn about complex investments like futures and forex markets, as well as more basic options like derivative products, on the platform.


  • paperMoney is free to use and comes with several functions to test basic options strategies.
  • People can also use the platform to test various chart indicators and studies to see how they can help their trades in the real world.


  • Users cannot use paper money to practice trading fractional shares.
  • The trading platform is not as intuitive as other stock market simulators.

What To Look For

PaperMoney is a good option if you plan to use TD Ameritrade as a brokerage firm. As a new investor, you may find it difficult to get a handle on the various features of a platform because they are all so different. To help new investors feel more confident, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the platform before actually trading.

2. reading angels

howthemarketworks.com is not connected to a real online brokerage firm like paperMoney.

Why It Stands Out

With the help of a simulated portfolio or the website’s educational resources, investors can test market strategies or learn more about financial markets. There are over 400,000 people who use the site each year to learn about the fundamentals of investing.


  • HowTheMarketWorks is ideal for novices with limited investment experience.
  • It offers a library of educational materials to learn more about mutual funds, options, exchange-traded funds, and commodity futures.
  • The free virtual stock market simulator works much like a stock market game, where users can register and receive virtual cash.
  • Each user is given $100,000 in virtual money and can trade in the stock market in real-time or create contests with friends or family members.


  • This market simulator is not connected with a real platform but still gives investors the ability to learn the basics of investing.
  • It’s limited to paper trading, which may be a drawback for some.

What To Look For

The game-like interface makes this stock trading simulation engaging and fun to learn how stocks work, even though it is limited to paper trading. The simulator is advanced enough to allow more experienced investors to test out more complex trading methods.

3. Wall Street Survivor

You can learn about the fundamentals of investing by playing the long-running Wall Street Survivor stock market simulator.

Why It Stands Out

Players can buy and sell stocks in the virtual stock market, which functions similarly to a video game version of the stock market.


  • Investors can simulate success in the market by trying real-world strategies.
  • As investors play the game, they can earn more money, achievement badges, and prizes. Prizes include subscriptions, e-books, and real cash.


  • Users should keep in mind that the Wall Street Survivor is not linked to a real brokering firm, unlike some other platforms such as paperMoney.
  • Opening an investment account with another company is necessary once users are ready to try the real stock market.

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What To Look For

Additionally, the Wall Street Survivor provides a wealth of investment and personal finance resources for users to learn at their own pace.

Other Stock Market Simulator Options

Another option for novice investors is the MarketWatch Virtual Stock Exchange simulator. Buying and selling stocks is done with the help of virtual money provided by the simulator, just like in other stock market sims. Investors can start games and compete with friends or coworkers for leaderboard positions using the simulator.

Registration for MarketWatch Virtual Stock Exchange is completely free of charge for all registered users.

Suitable for both novice and seasoned investors, this stock market simulator is simple to use for everyone.

Final Take

It’s best to stick with a plan when you’re ready to invest in real stocks. success is not guaranteed, but it is recommended to stick to a consistent strategy and avoid fad investments.

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