5 Possible Opponents for Chris Gonzalez After Bellator 273 Win

In Bellator, lightweight Chris Gonzalez has been a fighter to watch. In a recent bout at Bellator 273, he earned a decisive and speedy victory over veteran Saad Awad. He completed Awad in a lightning-fast 36 seconds. He knocked him out in the first round with a head kick and some punches.

With each new bout, ‘CG’ has shown marked improvement. He was first impressed with a strong wrestling-based style in mixed martial arts, but he has since shown off his improved striking. The Chicago, Illinois native competed as a junior college wrestler and in major tournaments like the U.S. Open, where he honed his skills.

The 30-year-old is a member of Team Alpha Male, which was established by Urijah Faber, who is now in the UFC Hall of Fame. His time at Team Alpha Male helped him become a complete martial artist. After his recent victory in Bellator, Chris Gonzalez could face any one of the five fighters on this list.

Gonzalez should fight the rising star that is Alexandr Shabliy in Bellator. The 28-year-breakout old’s performance came in the Russian promotion ProFC. At Bellator 258, he made his promotional debut and promptly won a unanimous decision over Alfie Davis.

On the heels of his debut in the promotion, “Peresvet” defeated Bobby King by unanimous decision at Bellator 272. With this decision, he has now won six in a row. Recently, Shabliy has shown that he is a serious contender in the league with his strong play.

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“CG” will likely try to use his wrestling to counter “Peresvet,” who has superior striking. Stability has won his last four bouts by unanimous decision, but that doesn’t diminish his reputation as a devastating puncher. The No. 10 ranked lightweight in Bellator is 21-3, with 17 wins coming via knockout. He has ten knockout or technical knockout victories thanks to his ability to counterattack.

Given Chris Gonzalez’s track record, Aviv Gozali seems like a good choice for an opponent. He made his professional debut at Bellator 209, and he’s a promising newcomer. He was a threat even in his first professional loss, to Bobby King. Every time Gozali was eliminated, he continued to fight and try to submit to his opponent. Because of this, King became more cautious about making offensive plays while on the ground.

A total of six of “The King’s” seven MMA victories have been by submission. Due to his proficiency in submissions, he poses a significant threat in the lightweight division and has a good chance of rising the ranks more quickly than his rivals. He isn’t the type to sit around doing nothing. Gozali has never made it past the initial round of a fight. His most recent battle lasted until the end of the first round, and he still lost.

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Because of this, CG’ would gain a substantial benefit. A ground fight may ensue between him and “The King,” who is also an accomplished wrestler. Gonzalez would enter the top 10 of the lightweight division if he were to win against Gozali, who is currently ranked tenth.

Islam Mamedov and Gómez could potentially fight after Mamedov’s recent defeat at the hands of former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson.

This was the first defeat for the 33-year-old Russian since 2009. He was considered a rising contender before he lost, and a victory would have gotten him a shot at the title. Because of the similarities between their respective training regimes, a fight between the two would be fascinating to watch. Both have had UFC legends who are now in the Hall of Fame have a significant impact on their growth as competitors.

Khabib Nurmagomedov, the former UFC lightweight champion, has been a significant influence on Mamedov’s development. He is in the camp of Usman Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhatchev, and he has forced his will on his opponents. With a victory, Mamedov could either keep his current standing or rise in the rankings.

After how well he did against Awad, Chris Gonzalez should face Goiti Yamauchi again. Yamauchi, like several ‘CG’s recent foes, is a seasoned combat veteran. He is 12-4 in the promotion since joining in 2013.

Yamauchi has a great deal of success in the ring due to his exceptional grappling skills; 20 of his victories have come by way of submission. His first encounter with ‘CG’ was nothing like the fans had anticipated, although he is a submission specialist. The fight ended at 3:53 of the first round when Yamauchi knocked him out with a right hook.

Next month, Bellator lightweight champion Patricky ‘Pitbull’ Freire will defend his title against Sidney Outlaw. It’s possible that Yamauchi, currently ranked fourth, will have to wait a while before he challenges for the championship. Due to this, he might be game for another bout with ‘CG.

Gonzalez would do well against a former Bellator title challenger like Peter Queally. His most recent fight, for the unoccupied Bellator lightweight title, was a loss to current champion Freire. Their rematch came after his victory over “Pitbull” in their first meeting at Bellator 258.

The co-main event of Bellator 275 was supposed to feature “The Showstopper” facing off against Kane Mosiah. Due to his injury, he had to drop out of the competition. Unfortunately, he was right at home in Dublin, Ireland, where the event was being held.

Bellator 273 post-fight interviewee “CG” was candid about his thoughts on Queally. The challenge to fight him next was made by Gonzalez. To ‘CG’s’ point, Kelly didn’t earn a shot at the belt, either.

As an alternative to rescheduling Queally vs. Mousah, the promoter could instead set up a fight between the two.

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