When is Netflix’s Del Toro Pinocchio Available to Watch?

Guillermo del Toro, who directed Pan’s Labyrinth, will direct Netflix’s stop-motion Pinocchio adaption, which will star Ewan McGregor and others.

With the release of his latest film, Guillermo del Toro is bringing his trademark macabre aesthetic to an old-timey fairy tale that everyone knows and loves.

The director of Pan’s Labyrinth is helming a stop-motion musical adaptation of Pinocchio set alongside Mussolini’s Italy’s rise to fascism.

There is a new teaser trailer out for the film, which will premiere on Netflix later this year – and it teases that this is not the story you’ve come to expect.

With a star-studded ensemble including Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, and Ewan McGregor, it’s one of two Pinocchio films to be distributed by a major streaming provider in 2017. (the other being on Disney Plus).

“There is no other character in history who has had as profound an emotional connection to me as Pinocchio,” del Toro remarked when he was granted the go-light to direct the picture.

“In our tale, Pinocchio is a helpless child whose heartless father abandons him in the face of danger. When he returns, he understands his father and the world in a new way. Since I was a child, I’ve had the desire to direct this film.

A puppeteer and theatre director, Mangiafuoco is better known to Walt Disney viewers than Stromboli. Ron Perlman will voice the character.

I am interested about how del Toro set the film, where he placed the film, and what socio-political ramifications this type of made-up youngster, make-believe boy has on the film,” the actor said in an interview with RadioTimes.com. “You know, well, once again, it’s del Toro, the mind of del Toro functioning in ways that no one else would dream of,” he says. Here’s everything you need to know about Netflix’s Pinocchio stop-motion adaptation.

Guillermo Del Toro Pinocchio Release Date 2022

When Will Netflix’s Pinocchio Be Available to Stream?

While a specific release date for Netflix’s Pinocchio has yet to be revealed, the show is expected to launch in December 2022.

Official Netflix tweets verified the news, with a video of the impending stop-motion animation to go along with it, confirming the news.

Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio Cast

In a statement, del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth) remarked, “After years of chasing my dream project, I found my perfect partner in Netflix.” After months of meticulous casting and selection, we are grateful for Netflix’s unwavering support in allowing us to continue filming with hardly a hiccup. We’re all huge fans of animation and think it’s the best medium for telling this timeless tale freshly.

A stop-motion musical based on a Carlo Collodi fable will follow “the remarkable voyage of a wooden boy mysteriously brought to life by a father’s dream,” according to the film’s official synopsis.

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Del Toro’s Pinocchio is a story of love and disobedience as Pinocchio tries in vain to live up to his father’s expectations in Mussolini-era Italy,” it stated further.

With Gregory Mann taking on the role of Pinocchio, casting announcements have already been made.

Cricket is played by Beauty and the Beast’s Ewan McGregor, and Geppetto is played by Harry Potter and Game of Thrones actor David Bradley.

Also included in the cast are Tilda Swinton and Christoph Waltz as well as Cate Blanchett and John Turturro (The Batman) as well as Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) and Ron Perlman (Nightmare Alley) as well as Burn Gorman (Watchmen).

Pinocchio on Netflix Trailer

A teaser for the Netflix Pinocchio musical film premiered in 2022. Below, you can see the video.

Finally, a longer trailer was released in July 2022 that provided a little more insight on what to expect from the upcoming picture.


In the trailer, we hear McGregor say: “I want to tell you a story. It’s a story you may think you know, but you don’t.” This may be somewhat of a trailer cliché by this point but could be true judging by del Toro’s previous work.

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