I Am Legend 2 Release Date? Why Has Not He Made I Am Legend 2 Yet?

In 2007, Will Smith starred in the blockbuster I Am Legend, which has since become one of the most iconic movies of all time. The character of Robert Neville was the actor’s breakthrough performance, and it led to further roles. It was stated in March of last year that there will be a sequel, but little information was available until today.

The events of the first film took place after an attempt to find a treatment for cancer backfired, killing off nearly all human life save for a select few who were transformed into a strange cross between vampires and zombies. Neville, a virologist, actively seeks out these entities in New York in an effort to develop a permanent remedy.

At this point, we have two potential leads, a basic story outline, and a window for when the sequel might be shown. Director and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (Constantine) will be in charge. But that’s not all he’s working on; he’s also writing the script for Constantine 2, which will star Keanu Reeves as John and Peter Stormare as Lucifer.


When Could I Am Legend 2 Be Released?

Although most of the project has not yet been established and filming has just begun, an official release date has not been set, but it is likely to hit theatres in late 2024 or early 2025. If You Want Read More So You Can See About  This Does Martha Stewart Have A Tattoo?

Who Are The Cast Of I Am Legend 2?

The two lead actors have been cast, but just a few others have been confirmed so far. Michael B. Jordan will join Will Smith as a co-star in the upcoming third movie of the Creed franchise. Smith will return to the character of Robert Neville. Although his exact role is yet unknown, given that he will be competing with the Bad Boys actor, it is safe to assume that it will be significant. Must Read About This Michael Dorn Wife?

What Will I Am Legend 2 Be About?

Goldsman gave Deadline an extensive preview of the sequel during an interview. It will take place several years after the events of the previous installment. He also admitted that he is a diehard admirer of The Last of Us, a game that celebrates the beauty of the earth some years after a cataclysmic event. Below is a tweet in which it has been compared to another film.

“When does Earth regain its land? The absence of man as the story’s protagonist is striking “This is what he had to say, he said. In other words, we should expect to see a far greater ecological takeover of New York City than was depicted in some moments of the first film. To put it simply, the setting is crucial to the story. No one knows what might happen at the end of the story.

I Am Legend 2 Release Date?

Conversely, it was established that the alternative conclusion to the first film would serve as a template for the sequel. After finding a cure for these monsters, the previous ending had Neville immolate himself and a small group of them. Alternatively (and more accurately reflecting Richard Matheson’s novel), the virologist’s partner was eaten by the group’s leader after being trapped. You Can Read About This Joker 2 Release Date.

He’s been taken prisoner in search of a cure. When he realizes that the aliens can talk to each other, he sets him free and goes back to his companion. There, Robert learns that among the cannibals, he has risen to prominence and is now feared. And that’s going to be a major plot point in the sequel. If You Want To Read More Like This You Can Visit on Daily Real Time.Com.

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