New Apple Exclusive Reveals Iphone 14 Price Shock

iPhone 14 models are getting more expensive, according to Apple leaks. That has been the case up until this point.

For the iPhone 14, the base model’s pricing will be frozen at the time of its release, according to mysterious leaker Lanzuk, who wrote about it on his blog. Even more, a reason to accept this, given Lanzuk’s impressive record.

By citing “global mobile phone industry stagnation and demand decline,” Lanzuk claims that Apple’s choice was based on “certain price increase causes.”

Apple is said to be upgrading several important aspects of the iPhone 14 series, as described by other leakers. Component prices have increased as a result of shortages. Leaks say that LG Innotek’s all-new front-facing camera module costs three times as much as its predecessor.

iPhone 14 Price Shock

It is clear that Lanzuk is aware of the shock and skepticism his news will produce, and he underlines that his information comes from a “big US financial institution.” In addition, Lanzuk has a long history of success. There have been several accurate leaks for Apple and Samsung devices in recent years, even if the source has missed a few things on occasion.

If Lanzuk’s report is right, the iPhone 14 will remain at $799, and the new iPhone 14 Max will likewise Apple priced $100 lower at $899 if this is indeed the case. Considering Apple’s intention to expand the gap between the iPhone 14 Pro’s feature and performance levels, these price points make sense:

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It costs $1099 (the iPhone 13 Pro costs $999).
The iPhone 14 Pro Max – $1199 (iPhone 13 Pro Max $1099) –

On top of that, I believe Lanzuk’s claim still corresponds to a real $100 price rise for everyone in the market. To put it another way, the iPhone 14 will replace the iPhone 13 Mini, which will be replaced by the $899 iPhone 14 Max. For Apple, these rises are simpler to sell because of their larger screen sizes.

Is the new iPhone 14 range worth the money? With a possible USB-C switch in 2023, I’d still advise caution if you don’t need to change this year, despite the Pro versions’ design, camera, and performance advancements.

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