Is Steve Harvey A Real Judge? The Answer May Surprise You

Steve Harvey, best known for his unique sense of humor on Family Feud and Celebrity Family Feud, combines his wit and honest takes for his new ABC show. The 64-year-old former radio star sits behind the bench in his hour-long unscripted courtroom comedy series as real people discuss their real-life conflicts. From family feuds to strained friendships, Steve shares his candid thoughts on their situations before deciding on a fair resolution. Let’s find out Is Steve Harvey is A Real Judge?


Is Steve Harvey A Real Judge?

But hold on, does Steve work as a judge? The short answer is no; Steve does not serve on any judging panels. Before sitting for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), a person must earn at least a bachelor’s degree to be eligible to serve as a judge in a courtroom in the real world.

The show has a separate tweeter account that posts clips of the show; one of the tweets is below, which was retweeted by steve harvey’s official account.

After graduating with a Juris Doctor degree and completing legal education, candidates must do well on the bar examination. After that, it is a matter of gaining experience in the court system as an attorney and, later on, applying for a position as a judge.

The Production Will Pay All Awards And Judgements

Steve did not undergo a lengthy procedure, but that does not mean his decisions will not be respected. Judge Steve Harvey’s decisions will likely be legally binding, like Judge Judy, Judge Jerry, and Chrissy’s Court. However, there is no confirmation of this. Whether Steve rules in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant, it is a win-win situation for all parties involved because no one must pay out of pocket.

Is Steve Harvey A Real Judge?
Is Steve Harvey A Real Judge?

According to the official website for casting the show, “all awards and judgments are paid for by production.” In other words, if two sisters sue each other for $6,000 (which Steve recently disclosed as one of the cases) and one win, the sum would be settled by the show rather than the participants.

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What Did Steve Said?

During an interview with TV Insider conducted prior to the premiere of Judge Steve Harvey on ABC, Steve discussed the aspects of his judging style that set him apart from other TV judges.

“I knew I had to just be myself,” he told the outlet. “Most judges are interested in the law: These are the facts, and that’s it. I’m going to dig up the story behind why people came to court versus what they’re in court for. I lean on decades of experience dealing with all types of situations and people, and I rely on my street savvy, common sense, and humor to get it done.”

We can’t wait to see how Steve will make the world a more just place for all of its inhabitants.

Conclusion: Judge Steve Harvey is not a real judge, but his unscripted courtroom comedy series is still good. Steve’s humor, honesty, and candid opinions give courtroom reality TV a new spin. The show will pay all awards and judgments, even though his rulings are not legally binding. Steve judges by discovering why people came to court and using his decades of experience with all kinds of people and situations. We look forward to Steve’s continued entertainment and social justice.

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