Jason Genao Net Worth: Height, Age, Bio, Career & Girlfriend!

Jason Genao is an American actor best known for his role in the Netflix original series On My Block, an adolescent comedy-drama about a neighborhood in Brooklyn. Ruby Martinez is the character that Genao plays in the show. Jason Genao’s net worth is expected to reach about $500, 000 by 2022.

Full Name Jason Genao 
Birth Date/ Age July 3, 1996/ 26 years old
Birth Place United States
Profession Actor
Relationship Status Single (probably)
Net Worth $500,000

Early Life

Genao has Dominican ancestry through his mother’s side and father’s side. Genao, on the other hand, was raised in New Jersey by emigrant parents. In high school, he attended William L. Dickinson High School, and he began his acting career at the age of 16.

This was due to his limited belief at the time that he would never be able to become an actor because of his upbringing. After nearly abandoning his dream of becoming an actor, Genao found new motivation in a French film he saw.

This led to his enrolling in the cheapest acting program he could find while still a high school student. In the end, he was able to land roles in The Get Down and Law and Order: SVU after putting in the time and effort.

Jason Genao Net Worth 2022
Jason Genao Net Worth 2022

Even so, he failed in his first audition, so he even looked up “how to audition” on Google to learn how to better for the next time. Upon landing these roles, he was especially grateful to his father and brother, both of whom had worked hard to help pay for his acting school education.

Genao’s career took off after he was cast in the highly anticipated film Logan as the title character’s love interest, Rictor. Genao gained a lot of respect from directors and producers as a result of this, and he has subsequently been cast in numerous parts.

As a result, he was cast as Ruby Martinez in the television series On My Block, which chronicles the lives of Southern California youths as they come of age. In addition to its comedy and drama, the series raises serious questions about gang violence.

Genao, on the other hand, has a lot in common with the characters and sees a lot of himself in them. With almost 1.5 million Instagram followers as a result of the show, he has become increasingly well-known. It is stated that Genao’s acting career was greatly influenced by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Jason Genao Height, Weight & Measurements

Jason Genao isn’t as tall as he appears on the screen. He is 5 ft 1 in or 156 cm tall and weighs approximately 60 kg or 132 pounds. At this time, there is no information about the size of his chest, arms, or waist. Both his hair and eye color are black, as well.

Personal Life

In terms of romantic relationships, Jason Genao isn’t involved with anyone right now. On a more personal level, Genao is involved in several charitable endeavors. He has been the face of the Ride & Seeks campaign for DoSomething.org, which strives to ensure the safety of friends and family members on the road.

Genao was an enthusiastic participant in the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and a staunch supporter of the cause. After being asked what he would like to do if they weren’t actors, Genao has stated that, in the absence of acting, his favorite thing to do is cook.

Jason Genao’s Net Worth

$500,0000 is Jason Genao’s projected wealth as of 2022. Genao has lofty aspirations for his professional future, and one of these is to win an Academy Award for his work.

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