John Madden Death: Early Life, Relationship & Cause of Death

John Madden Death: John Madden, a legend in the National Football League as a player, coach, sports commentator, and businessman, lived comfortably. After achieving fame and fortune in the sports world, he went on to found the Madden NFL video game series. His wealth continued to grow even after his passing. The following is a rundown of John Madden’s career earnings, which have been the subject of much rumor.


What Was John Madden Cause of Death?

Inexplicably, John Madden passed away at the age of 85. The cause of death has not been disclosed at this time. In a letter to the icon, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said:

“Our deepest sympathies go out to Virginia, Mike, Joe, and their families from everyone at the NFLNFL. Although he is best remembered as the legendary coach of the Oakland Raiders and a broadcaster who worked for all the major networks, his family was his top priority.”

What else did Goodell have to say? “Coach’s enthusiasm for the sport was unparalleled. A football player he was not. His advice and counsel were invaluable to me and countless others.”
Nobody like John Madden ever lived, and we’ll be eternally grateful to him for everything he did to advance the game of football and the National Football League. See This Tammy Wynette Cause of Death

John Madden Early Life & Relationship

In terms of background, John Madden’s family was pretty normal. His father, Earl Russell Madden, was an auto mechanic, and the family settled in Daly City, California, where he was born on April 10. His mother’s name was Mary Margaret Madden, and the family was very content.

He attended a Catholic parochial school and then went on to graduate from Seattle’s illustrious Jefferson High School in 1954. He has always been passionate about the sport of football. John has always been a big football fan and has shown off his skills on the field.

He was so gifted that he excelled in both offensive and defensive roles. He was not only a regular fixture on the college football team but also a member of the school’s college team. John began his career and then, on December 26, 1959, married his soul mate. As the story goes, he met his future wife at a bar in Pismo Beach, California. They had two lovely sons, Joseph and Michael.

On their 62nd wedding anniversary, just two days before the legend passed away, the happy couple celebrated their everlasting love. On December 28th, 2021, the coach breathed his last. It was a very sad day for the sports business. You can read about Gilbert Gottfried Cause of Death

John Madden Career

It’s challenging to achieve success in one’s career on par with his. Football stardom was predetermined for Madden. He was already in training with the Philadelphia Eagles when he injured his knee during camp. In short, he was never given the opportunity to play for a professional team. However, people noticed his abilities, and in 1960, he became an assistant coach at Allan Hancock College. After that, in 1963, he joined San Diego State’s coaching staff as an assistant on the defense.

But in 1967, he got his big break when the Oakland Raiders hired him as their linebackers coach. People were most taken aback by how quickly he was able to advance in his career. The Raiders’ previous head coach retired after only two years, and now Madden is in charge.
He’s only 39 years old, but he’s already being called the youngest head coach in history. The turning point, however, came when the Raiders were given a chance in Super Bowl II, cementing their position as one of the greatest football coaches in the world. On the other hand, he set a record as the youngest coach to win 100 games in a regular season.

Later in life, he became a commentator for several major American TV networks. He was a regular on CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, and ABC Sports from 1979 to 2003. His voice has even been heard on the nationally syndicated Westwood One Radio. Even though John isn’t a professional actor, he has appeared in several notable films, including Christine and Little Giants. The trainer has even published a couple of best-selling books. See This Tammy Wynette Cause of Death

Who is John Madden Wife?

In a bar in Pismo Beach, California, John Madden met his future wife, Virginia Fields. They met while pursuing their respective master’s degrees at California Polytechnic University.

Soon after, the couple tied the knot and set up a house in Pleasanton, California, where they eventually had sons named Joseph and Michael. They were together for over 50 years before John suddenly passed away. Read More Aaron Carter Cause of Death

John Madden Achievements

John Madden Death

John has received the highest honors and is widely regarded as a pioneer in the sports business. When the Oakland Raiders won Super Bowl XI, he was the head coach. He was recognized by 12 Emmys for his outstanding work in broadcasting.

His accomplishments as a sportscaster earned him the 1984 NSMA National Sportscaster of the Year award. In the future, Yahoo ranked him among the top 50 greatest sportscasters in the history of network television. In 2002, he won the Pete Rozelle Award for Excellence in Radio and Television. The list of John Madden’s Hall of Fame inductions is long. The impact he had on the business world was so great that it would be impossible to quantify. You can go to for the latest news and updates.

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