Karim Kamoun: What Is Their Relation With Jabur?

The Russian and the Tunisian fencer Karim. He has been the Tunisian representative in a number of international tournaments during the course of his career. For a few years prior to their 2015 wedding, Karim and Jabeur were a dating pair. Learn more about Karim in the following section.


Karim Kamoun Is a Fitness Coach

In his current role, Kamoun is a fitness coach. His Instagram bio states that he is “passionate about fitness training” and that he has a master’s degree in sports science. The ex-athlete is known for sharing pictures of his workouts with encouraging notes. He captioned a 2021 gym selfie with, “Patience and perseverance have a miraculous impact before which challenges melt and hurdles vanish.” You Can Read More About Like This Article So Read ThisĀ Tyler Lepley Wife.

Karim Kamoun a Former Professional Fencer

Kamoun was a professional fencer from 2003 to 2011, therefore Jabeur isn’t the only athlete in the pair. The Middle Eastern edition of GQ reports that he afterward worked as a fencing instructor in Qatar, but that he quit sometime in 2017 to travel with his wife.

Kamoun posted images of himself during a fencing tournament in Doha, Qatar, in June 2017. In the photos, he was pictured wearing a medal and holding a trophy. You Can Read About This Rae Lil Black Parents Murdered.

Karim Kamoun Married Jabeur In 2015

In the month of November of 2015, Jabeur and Kamoun exchanged wedding vows. She shared a wedding photo with the caption, “Happy To announce that me and Karim just got married,” on Twitter to confirm the news. The male guest, Kamoun, wore a black tuxedo, while the female guest, Jabeur, wore a white dress with lace trimming and a glittery headband.


Karim Kamoun Jabeur’s Trainer

According to GQ Middle East, Kamoun has built much of his profession as a fitness trainer around his wife. It wasn’t easy for the husband and wife to adjust to their new roles as trainers and trainees. The situation was difficult at first, and Jabeur made sure the 2020 outlet knew it. “Given that we haven’t worked together before, his request that I go for a run came off as an order, and I resisted it at first. I would create a major incident out of nothing, like him throwing the medicine ball incorrectly.”

World-renowned tennis player Serena Williams continued, “After that, we adjusted to it. In my opinion, we’re killing it. We did have a lot of discussions, and we did have a lot of disagreements, but I do believe that we were able to reach some productive conclusions.”

In an interview for Australian Open TV set to air in April of 2020, Jabeur described life on lockdown with her trainer husband. It’s fine, she answered with a giggle, since her husband is her fitness coach and he’s trying to get her to work out and do abs all the time. Playing tennis is the only thing we’re missing at the moment.

Kamoun frequently updates her Instagram with updates on her training with Jabeur and her teacher Issam Jellali. In the month of November 2021, he shared a photo of the three of them working out together, captioned, “The fact that we collaborate does not make us a team. We work well together as a unit because we value, trust, and care for one another.”

Karim Kamoun is Very Supportive of Jabeur

Kamoun is committed to supporting Jabeur in every way he can so that she can realize her goals. Jabeur revealed that at the beginning of her career, Kamoun would pay her his money so that she could afford flights to her tennis events in an interview with GQ Middle East in 2020.

Karim Kamoun

Now, Kamoun often posts loving and supportive Instagram tributes to his wife, highlighting her achievements. With images of Jabeur’s 2022 Wimbledon competition, he captioned the post, “The definition of a winner is someone who can achieve that.

You developed those admirable traits on the way to success, like perseverance, selflessness, focus, and dedication. You’re a champion on the court, but it’s your poise that really impresses me. You’ve inspired me, and I hope you never stop dreaming”. For More Content Like This You Can Read This Here Please Check This Milo Manheim Girlfriend.

Karim Kamoun Gets Jabeur Out of Her Shell

Due to the time and effort required to compete at Jabeur’s level in tennis, the rising star finds it difficult to pursue interests outside of the sport. Jabeur told GQ Middle East that when she and Kamoun travel, she is encouraged by Kamoun to do new things and take breaks from tennis to see the sights.

To satisfy his passion for tourism, Jabeur “sacrificed” himself to do activities “I never do alone,” he explained. “The Statue of Liberty-style. I’d been to the US six times in a row without ever being there, but on our first trip together, he took me there.”

While the majority of their social media posts focus on tennis, the couple does occasionally give followers a glimpse into their personal lives. In November 2020, they went on a bike trip together, and in September 2022, they were all dolled up for Jabeur’s brother’s wedding. When the 2022 World Cup was held in Qatar a few months later, they went there. Dailyrealtime.com is where you should go to get the most recent updates.

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