Katrina Jade Hanson-herrem

On Tuesday, April 5, 2022, Katrina Jade Hanson-Herren, 17, of DeForest, passed away. On May 30, 2004, she was born to Heather Hanson and Scott Herren. DeForest High School senior Katrina was a National Honor Society member. The pursuit of knowledge was one of her life’s greatest joys. Foreign languages were her favorite pastime (especially Spanish and also studied German).

She cherished her time in school and the people she encountered there, particularly her teachers. . She awaited the summer of 2022 when she and her Deforest High School classmates would travel to a foreign country to participate in a foreign language immersion program. Katrina intended to study Microbiology and Spanish at the University of Minnesota beginning in the fall of 2022.

For her, studying science was a way to help people “like her,” and she hoped to discover new medicines (including alternative treatments) or investigate cancer. Her “bucket list” also included studying abroad in college.

It’s safe to say that Katrina left a lasting impression on everyone she came into contact with. It didn’t matter if she thought she wasn’t witty or vibrant; she was a joy to be around. For her generosity and inclusiveness at school, she was also a well-liked and respected figure. She was always concerned for the welfare of others.

Katrina Jade

I loved Katrina’s exuberant energy and sparkling laugh. When she was a kid, we called her “cheese face” because of her adorable smile and the dimple on her right cheek that everyone noticed. When she was there, everything was more interesting and enjoyable. When you were with her, you learned to appreciate the smallest things.

Katrina was a voracious explorer who was always on the lookout for new things and experiences that would fill her with joy, love, and security. Bekah (daughter of Katie Davis and Scott Herren) affectionately referred to Katrina as “Titi” because of their close family ties.

Her cousins Connor and Maddy, whom she always referred to as “like my brother and sister,” were also very dear to her. At “Grandma and Grampa Gary’s,” Katrina adored “blowing up the valley” with the kids and everyone around the bonfire while watching fireworks.

Music, singing in the shower, dancing, learning new makeup looks from YouTube, her “self-care time,” eating spicy foods, playing the viola when she was little, the ocean, road trips and blasting her favorite music in her car, paddleboarding, she talked a lot about going back to Mount Horeb where we used to live and she loved animals… Katrina loved so many things…

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Infinite possibilities abound… With Zip and Stripe and Daisy, Katrina was happy to be “the mother” of her hamsters, and she enjoyed her “pet therapy” sessions with them.

By shopping at Goodwill and giving to groups like “4Ocean,” Katrina could make a difference in the world by donating to topics she cared about, such as caring for the environment. The River Food Pantry and the Disaster Relief Clean-Up in Coon Valley, WI were just a few of the places she gave her time at when she was in college.

Young women and girls are encouraged to learn how to start and run their businesses through programs such as Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs of SouthCentral Inc.’s Girls’ Biz program. She also took part in BOG Lab’s Social Entrepreneurship track, where she learned how to turn personal passion projects into profitable businesses that benefit others. A long-time Junior Coach for Girls on the Run of SouthCentral Wisconsin, she was also a participant and a long-time Junior Coach.

She brightened everyone’s day, including ours. Her mother, Heather Hanson (Dirk Dannhoff), and her father, Scott Herren (Elizabeth Herrem), her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and many, many other friends will miss her more than words can express.

We’ve decided to be transparent about her problems out of respect for who she was and what she aspired to, including honesty, compassion, and understanding. It is our way of honoring her memory and her life, to be honest about what “it” is.

She resented the term “sickness.” Anxiety was a major issue for Katrina. She was also afflicted by a mental illness. She put in so much effort to assist herself, gain new talents, and help others while she was still in school. She has a lovely spirit. Donations will be sent to an organization that aids youngsters with anxiety and despair in their memory.

She’d want us to remember her by being kind to one another. To see the world, to experience new things, and to fall in love completely and unreservedly… to never be afraid to get up and dance in the shower or sing in the tub… enjoy life to the fullest while remembering her.

In the words of DeFoest: Tributes are pouring in for Katrina Jade Hanson-Herren, a 17-year-old from Deforest, Wisconsin, who unexpectedly passed away.

A child born to Elizabeth Herren and Heather Hanson was named Katrina. Except for her parents, Katrina’s siblings include Rebekah Herrem and Rowan, and Charlotte Linderud. Katrina was the daughter of John and Deborah Herren, Gary and Linda Hanson, and Gary and Mary Jo Cyrus. Many loving aunts, uncles, and cousins have taken care of her.

Katrina was a graduating senior at Deforest High School, where she was a member of the prestigious Class of 202. Katrina never stopped learning a new language, whether it was Spanish or German. She was excited to be a Gopher after being accepted to the University of Minnesota. As a result of her desire to serve others, she decided to pursue a double degree in microbiology and Spanish.

This woman, like Katrina, was quick-witted and hard-working. In her mind, she realized that her hard work in school and at work would help her attain her dream of “becoming rich like Auntie Marci.” She was a fan of everything from luxury handbags to haunted houses. Katrina was all in when it came to terrifying things.

Katrina’s favorite foods were coconut rolls and spicy, protein-packed meals from her father’s cupboard. Regardless of what she attempted, Katrina was a success. When she was 16 years old, she was able to get up on water skis for the first time. No country music for Katrina. She adored it. She was an avid runner who cherished her time spent exercising with her mother and father, who shared his weightlifting knowledge with her.

On the day she was born, Katrina gave her parents quite the scare. Despite her mother’s efforts and difficult labor, she ultimately emerged into the world, although silently. Despite being a warrior from the start, Katrina began to cry…loudly. Thanks to the great maternity team, of course.

My dear, lovely child, you had just won your very first war! Sweetheart, all of your battles have been won. Listen for your melody in the sun. The breeze. The rain. The air we breathe. Until we meet again. When it comes to nail polish remover rings and winged eyeliner, we’ll see you everywhere. We’ll also see you whenever you talk about one of your many interests or hobbies. Our sweet Katrina Jade, may your soul rest in peace.

Let your children know you love them. Nobody gets a break from time. An intimate memorial service for Katrina will be held. A memorial service will be arranged at a later time in honor of his life.

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