Kieran Culkin Wife: The Woman Who Stole Kieran His Heart

Jazz Charton is one of our favorite off-screen characters in the Succession universe, while her husband may play one of our favorite on-screen characters.

Charton, the wife of Kieran Culkin, has frequently been seen on his arm at red-carpet premieres and awards-show ceremonies over the years (“I still have no idea what to do in front of a camera and probably never will, but Kieran is seeeeerving,” she posted about the Succession season 4 premiere).

We know many things about Culkin, but What about Jazz Charton herself, however? Let’s get to know her, from her upbringing in Britain to her social media prowess!


Who Is Jazz Charlton, Kieran Culkin’s Wife?

Corrine “Coco” Charlton, a former model-turned-artist, raised Jazz and her sister, born in London, England. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in film studies and American history from King’s College London in 2010 and moved to New York City in September of the same year, where she would meet her future husband.

Kieran Culkin Wife
Kieran Culkin Wife

When she met Culkin, Charton was working in the music department of an ad agency, despite not being a performer like her famous spouse.

How Long Have They Been Together?

In 2012, Charton and Culkin met in a bar in New York City, and Culkin’s opening line was appropriately on-brand. The actor told The Hollywood Reporter, “I said, ‘I’m Kieran. You have an English accent. What’s your name?’” he recounts. “She said, ‘Jazz.’ I said, ‘J-A-Z-Z, like the music?’ And she said, ‘Yeah.’ And I said, ‘Well, that’s f____ng stupid.’” Charlton reportedly laughed, and they’ve been together ever since.

Kieran Culkin And Jazz Charton Wedding

During a road trip, the couple eloped in Iowa on June 22, 2013. In an Instagram anniversary post in June 2020, Charton elaborated on the unusual nature of their wedding. “Seven years ago, we planned a six-week road trip lasting three and a half months.

Charton has posted her wedding pics on Instagram too.

Before seven years, we fell in love with Iowa. Seven years ago, a woman named Kinsey assisted us in obtaining our marriage license, and seven years ago today, we exchanged our vows in the rain with three strangers. Whose brilliant idea was to schedule Father’s Day immediately before our anniversary? “Does one gift count for both?” she asked in the caption.

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Do Kieran And His Wife Have Any Children?

Kieran and Jazz welcomed their first child, Kinsey Sioux, in September 2019. Jazz shared her experience on Instagram, writing, “After 25 hours of laboring at home, we arrived at the hospital too late for any pain meds as I was already dilated and ready to push (if I ever do this again, I want ALL THE DRUGS, all of them!) and she was out within an hour during a full moon on Friday the 13th.”

Kieran and Jazz welcomed their second child, Wilder Wolf, on August 17, 2021. Jazz commemorated the occasion with a new Instagram post, writing, “One month with our perfect little man 8.17.21 #gettheepidural.” Her hashtag refers to her first birth, during which she could not take pain medication.

Conclusion: Jazz Charton, who often attends Succession events with her husband Kieran Culkin, is a fan favorite. With her unique background and social media presence, Jazz has caught our attention. Charton has followed her path outside of the entertainment industry from her childhood in Britain to her move to New York City. Their love story began in a New York City bar, led to an elopement in Iowa, and a beautiful wedding photographed. Kinsey Sioux and Wilder Wolf complete their family. Jazz Charton’s social media posts and personal life reveal her charm and personality to Succession fans.

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