Kurtulus Osman Season 4: Everything You Should Know

After the success of Diriliş: Erturul, viewers’ attention has turned to the fourth season of the historical drama Kurulus Osman. Focusing on the life of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, is the main focus of this show.

The book details Osman Ghazi’s rise to power in the Ottoman Empire, as well as the challenges he faced on the outside and the inside. His threats to both the Byzantine Empire and the Mongol Ilkhanate are depicted.

In addition, he explains how he broke away from the Sultanate of Rum and established an independent nation that could fight the Byzantine and Mongol Empires while still paying respect to the Turks.

Along the way, Osman meets several enemies and traitors. We’ve read everything there is to read about history, but history on the big screen is amazing. A discussion of Season 4 may begin at last.

The reason is that the audience is eager for additional information. Even we can’t contain our excitement about what happened in the third season finale.


Kurtulus Osman Season 4 is Already Confirmed

When Season 3 concludes on June 15, 2022, we’ll understand if you’re still curious. In addition, let’s discuss the upcoming fourth season. A fourth season of the show has been ordered, and it will premiere in 2022.

The comment implied as much, at least. Season 4 will continue the story of Osman’s trials and tribulations and the rest of his journey from where Season 3 left off.

According to Mehmet Bozda, the show’s producer, the Osman series will have four to five seasons of episodes and will launch in 2022 or 2023.


NTV’s senior producer Shah MdSaifullahSaif commented on the show’s critical reception in an interview with the Tribune.

“This is one of our most watched shows, and it’s unprecedented for a mega-series to become so successful in such a short amount of time—just one month.”

Kurtulus Osman Season 4 Expected Release Date

The season is planned for a 2019 premiere. The fourth season, however, is said to premiere in October 2022.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Release Date

After a brief summer vacation, Bozda Film’s Burak zçivitli Establishment Osman will return to screens in October 2022-2023 for the fourth season. Season four of The Kurulus Osman, a show that airs on ATV on Wednesday nights, will begin airing on October 24.

Kurtulus Osman is Everyone’s Favorite Show

Were we required to say that? Right. Osman Kuruluş, a name commonly spelled with a “u,” is surprisingly well-liked. A lot of people in Turkey seem to like the show. During its fourth weekend of airing in December 2019, Kuruluş: Osman drew a record number of viewers to ATV.

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In Albania, the show is referred to by its Arabic name, “Osmani.” Mehmet Bozdag states that the show is the “most-watched TV show” in Albania. In January of 2021, Noor Play in the Middle East began airing the show, which was one of the most popular in Turkey.

What do you think the upcoming season will bring? Are you enjoying Osman’s adventures as much as we are? Feel free to share your opinions in the space provided below. Plus, we’ll be sure to keep you posted when new information becomes available.

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