Lake Mead Water Level Rises Above Projections

When it comes to water and Lake Mead, every drop counts, right? That is proving to be true this spring, as the water level at Lake Mead battles to stay above the government’s most recent projections. When will the remains of Lake Mead, including the body in the barrel, be identified?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s “Most Probable 24-Month Study,” published in March, Lake Mead was expected to drop to 1,043.06 feet (above sea level). However, Lake Mead’s water level was 1,045.91 feet above the projected level as of Monday morning. The last three months of projections show a positive trend.

Lake Mead End-of-month Forecasts

The elevation of Lake Mead is shown in feet above sea level. As of April 3, the elevation was 1,045.92 feet. United States Bureau of Reclamation.

There was an increase in the water level of Lake Mead at the beginning of this year, which was then followed by a slight decrease. However, for a few days, the water level remained stable, which may be partially attributed to recent rainfall in the region.

At the end of March, the water level increased by almost a foot. Since then, the level of the lake has decreased by about a half foot since it was at its highest point.

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Lake Mead’s water level did rise at the start of this year, followed by a small drop. However, due in part to recent rain in the area, the water level stabilized for a few days before rising nearly half a foot at the end of March. Since then, the lake level has dropped by about half a foot.

Lake Mead Water Level
Lake Mead Water Level

The amount of snow that has fallen in the Colorado Rockies has increased the amount of snow water equivalent (SWE) that has been stored to 158% of the average. That was an increase of approximately 8% in just one week.

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The water level in Lake Mead is currently a little over 5 feet higher than it was on July 27, 2022, when it was measured at a record-low of 1,040.71 feet. Lake Mead could drop to 1,036.9 feet by the end of April, which is just over 9 feet lower than its current level, according to the most recent projection from the Bureau of Reclamation, which was published before the recent rain. This projection was published before the recent rain.

conclusion: In summary, Lake Mead’s water level has struggled to stay above the government’s projections, but recent rainfall and an increase in snow water equivalent stored in the Colorado Rockies have helped in the last three months. The water level was 1,045.92 feet above sea level on April 3, 2023, over 5 feet higher than its record-low on July 27, 2022. Lake Mead could drop to 1,036.9 feet by April, according to the Bureau of Reclamation’s latest projection, published before the recent rain. This information does not identify the Lake Mead barrel remains. Lake Mead’s recent rise in water level is encouraging, but water conservation is still needed to protect this vital resource.

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