Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery: Did She Really Get Her Face Artificially Change?

Lindsay Lohan was a well-known actress in the early 2000s. She rose to fame quickly with hit movies, but she fell out of favor just as quickly. Lohan’s decline was caused by her substance abuse issues and bad behavior. Lohan’s name and face seemed to be plastered across every tabloid, detailing some heinous and heinous act the young actress had committed.

Lohan is back in the spotlight, but she doesn’t look the same as she did in Mean Girls. Her teeth are also different because she had to have them fixed twice due to drug use.

Fans also noticed that Lohan’s appearance had changed dramatically over the years. And, while the scandal-plagued actress has never confirmed it, many believe it’s because she’s had some work done. let’s find out if she had plastic surgery to make herself appear more beautiful.


When did Lindsay Lohan’s Face start To Seem Different?

Lohan’s world had not yet completely imploded in 2009. Around this time, the actress joined a fashion collaboration as an artistic adviser for Emanuel Ungaro. Lohan walked the runway after unveiling her first (and only) ready-to-wear collection for the French fashion house at a fashion event.

Many people on the internet have their opinion on everything it does not matter if they are correct or not likewise here is a Tweet about Lohan being compared with her old self.

While the Lohan-inspired collection elicited mixed reactions (many were unimpressed), it was Lohan’s appearance that shocked many. Many people noticed visible changes to the actress’ lips and cheeks the moment she took the stage, fueling speculation that she had recently undergone plastic surgery. Nobody realized at the time that this was only the beginning.

Lindsay Lohan was not only forced to change her face at a young age but she was also forced to change her teeth. Lohan was well-known for her tendency to party, which resulted in decaying teeth. Due to her drug addiction, the actress had to have her teeth fixed several times, but they have remained pristine since 2018.

Experts Discuss Lohan’s Plastic Surgery

Lohan’s changing appearance has sparked numerous debates. Despite her denial, numerous medical specialists believe she had surgery. New York-based triple board-certified plastic surgeon Adam Schaffner, M.D., F.A.C.S., told,

“Her youthful appearing cheeks may be due, in part, to the use of fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm (VOLUMA). Her lack of wrinkles may be due, i [sic] part, to the use of BOTOX, Dysport or XEOMIN.”

Dr. Schaffner and Southern California double-board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Tim Sayed agree that there is a “drastic difference in her photos in comparison.” “This can be a result of laser skin treatments, great skincare products, and a consistent skincare regimen,” he also pointed out. “But the changes are not likely the result of good skincare treatment alone.”

Another unnamed surgeon at MYA Cosmetic Surgery in the U.K. also thinks Lohan underwent “non-surgical treatment of dermal fillers to her cheeks.” It “gives fullness to the cheek area” to define cheekbones.

Lohan may have “overfilled” before. Lohan had “a classic over-plumped pillow face.“Her cheeks look like she’s storing nuts for winter,” he added. “I suspect many Sculptra or Restylane injections.” The physician added that overzealous operations might make a patient “look like a Cabbage Patch Doll.”

Luckily, this looks to have been resolved. “Lindsay has definitely been guilty of this in the past and although in recent years she seems to have opted for a more natural look,” the surgeon noted. “Throughout the years the fullness of her cheeks has fluctuated, most likely owing to dietary changes and not just the amount of filler injected,” said Dr. Sayed.

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery
Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery

Lohan’s lip fillers are another worry. First, it was fine. Yet, doing them consistently seemed unwise. “A few years ago, I believe she may have had some of the filler dissolved in the form of revision treatment, in order to create a fuller lip when smiling – but with a more natural shape and proportion,” the surgeon said.

“However, recent images suggest she has since had multiple treatments to plump her lips, which create a more unnatural look, where the cupid’s bow of the upper lip disappears.”

Besides fillers and botox, some believe Lohan got rhinoplasty. The surgeon noted that Lindsay’s nose is now smaller and has a natural slope and tip. “Lindsay’s nose appears to be much slimmer than in her early appearances, with a natural slope and point,” the surgeon pointed out. “This could indicate that she has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure to achieve this shape.”

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Lindsay Lohan Talks Daily Skincare

Lohan never acknowledged surgery. She has divulged her beauty secrets, including how she stays glowing. The actress told Into the Gloss that she moisturizes with La Mer or Avéne Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream. If not La Mer, Carol Joy Forevermore Serum. It’s expensive yet good. I love their golden millet oil—it feels so good on the skin.”

Lohan also advocates everyday sun protection. Naam yoga helps the actress avoid stress lines.

Conclusion: Lohan has yet to comment on her obvious plastic surgery, which is not surprising given how many celebrities refuse to discuss how they alter their faces and bodies. However, now that Lohan is back in the spotlight with her Netflix film Falling For Christmas, the public can see the changes in her face.

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