Lisa Loring Cause of Death: How Many Times Did Lisa Get Married?

The late American actress Lisa Loring left behind a fortune of $500,000 when she passed away. On January 28, 2023, at the age of 64, Lisa Loring passed away. Lisa Loring’s parents were serving in the United States Navy, and the family moved to Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, where Lisa was born. She was born in California, and at the age of three, she began her career as a professional model in Los Angeles. After that, she started doing acting for movies and TV.


Lisa Loring Cause of Death

On January 28, 2023, Lisa Loring, who is best remembered for playing Wednesday Addams on The Addams Family in the 1960s, passed away. Lisa’s age at death was 64. According to her daughter, Vanessa Foumberg, Loring passed away on Saturday at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank due to complications from a stroke brought on by her smoking and high blood pressure.

Her daughters, Vanessa and Marianne, were by her side when she exhaled her last breath. A stroke was listed as the cause of death for Lisa Loring. Loring had a long history of substance abuse, which she had discussed in public interviews and appearances. Must Read About This If You Are Intrested Jerry Blavat Died.

Lisa Loring Was a Child Actor And Model Who Began Working At The Age of 3

Lisa Loring was a resident of the Marshall Islands, having been born on the island of Kwajalein Atoll on February 16, 1958. When she was a little girl, her parents split up and she went to live with her mom in Los Angeles.

The young Loring has been modelling since she was 3. In 1964, she made her television debut as Cindy Norcross in an episode of NBC’s Dr. Kildare, a medical drama.

After that, she landed the part of Wednesday Addams in David Levy’s TV version of the Charles Addams’ cartoon The Addams Family. Besides John Astin and Carolyn Jones, the series also featured notable performances by Jackie Coogan, Ted Cassidy, Marie Blake, and Ken Weatherwax.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Lisa Loring has been working on the comedy series since she was five and a half years old. She once remarked that her ability to recite her lines from memory predated her ability to read. For More Intresting Post Click Here Simon Dunn Death.

Lisa Loring and Jerry Butler’s Marriage

Since Lisa was working as a make-up artist on the set of pornographic film Traci’s Big Trick, it was there that Jerry first met the Addams Family actress. They tied the married in 1987, and ever since then, Lisa’s rejection of Jerry’s work has been a major topic of media attention.

Lisa Loring Cause of Death
They went on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show and the Geraldo daytime talk show to talk about how Jerry’s work had affected their marriage. Lisa vented her frustrations and exposed Jerry’s failed vow to cease appearing in pornographic films during an interview on Geraldo, which may be viewed on YouTube.

She explained that Jerry had gone back to work in the adult film industry without notifying her until eight months after their wedding, despite their agreement that he would stop immediately. The pair divorced in 1992 after a brief five-year marriage. Read More About This If You Want Read Leslie Jordan Death.

Lisa Loring Was Married Four Times and Has Two Daughters

In 1973, when she was only 15, Lisa Loring tied the knot for the first time in her personal life. Farrell Foumberg, her first love, became her husband. The next year, she gave birth to her first daughter, Vanessa Foumberg. Lisa and Farrell had been married for a while, but they split up in 1974.

Next, in 1981, she tied the wedding with fellow actor Doug Stevenson from the TV series Search for Tomorrow. After having a daughter together whom they named Marianne, the couple eventually split up two years later.

Lisa then wed adult film star Jerry Butler, who said he’d give up p*rnography but kept working in the industry. A divorce was finalised between the two in 1992. Their 2003 wedding was her fourth and final union. They had been married for 11 years prior to their divorce.

Grandchildren Emiliana and Charles join Loring’s two daughters as those who will miss her dearly. You can get more current information by checking out

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