Love Is Blind Lawsuit: Former Contestant Jeremy Hartwell Filed Class Action

Season 2 Love Is Blind contestant Jeremy Hartwell filed a lawsuit against the Netflix reality TV show’s production team, and it’s time to talk about it. He claimed that the cast was deprived of food, water, and sleep and plied with alcohol. Jeremy, 36, was one of 30 hopeful Love Is Blind singles competing in the 2022 season. He is a director and entrepreneur originally from Chicago. In the pods, Jeremy could not find the love of his life. Because of his unsuccessful LIB journey, he didn’t get enough screen time. On the other hand, Jeremy is remembered now after several contestants described the filming conditions as hellish. 

Former cast members like Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl have spoken out about the new Love Is Blind scandal. Briana Holmes left the show due to a panic attack. The cast is under pressure to get engaged within two weeks after filming for 20 days. They allegedly consent to be filmed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even if they were paid $1000 per week, they could be fined up to $50,000 if they quit early. The cast’s mental health appears to be jeopardized, and they must sleep in a single-room trailer for ten days during their pod experiences. Producers are also accused of being manipulative.


Love Is Blind Jeremy Hartwell Filed A Class Action Lawsuit Proposal

Jeremy made similar claims in his lawsuit, which he filed in California Superior Court in Los Angeles, naming Netflix, Love Is Blind production company Kinetic Content, and Kinetic’s casting company Delirium TV as defendants. According to UsWeekly, Jeremy’s lawsuit is “a proposed class action on behalf of all participants in Love Is Blind and other non-scripted productions,” According to his attorney, Chantal Payton of Payton Employment Law, PC, those productions must be shot between 2018 and 2022. Even Some of the cast members also criticized the show. You can know that by reading: Danielle Ruhl Love Is Blind Contestant Claims Her Mental Health History Should Have Disqualified Her.

Ex-love Is Blind Jeremy Hartwell Found Working Conditions Hostile

Jeremy called the show’s producers “inhumane.” He said he spent days recovering from sleep deprivation. According to Jeremy’s lawsuit, Love Is Blind actors were paid “a flat rate of $1000 per week” and “forced” to work 20 hours daily. The LA County minimum wage is $15, but that hourly rate is $7.14. Producers were accused of “intentionally” underpaying contestants and restricting their access to friends and family during filming. Jeremy also claimed that cast members were denied necessities, making life difficult.

Katie warren Posted a tweet regarding the company culture at Netflix. You will find the Tweet further down the page.

“This made cast members hungry for social connections and altered their emotions and decision-making,” Jeremy’s attorney stated. Jeremy also complained about the cast being left alone for hours “without access to a phone, food, or any other type of contact with the outside world” until their presence was requested. Jeremy told GlobalNewsCa that the producers “constantly” told the cast to “not talk to each other” while waiting to board their flights to Los Angeles. Jeremy wanted overtime and unpaid wages.


He missed meals and r

Love Is Blind Lawsuit
Love Is Blind Lawsuit

est breaks. Recently, Love, is Blind was doing a reunion show when things couldn’t take place smoothly, and fans reacted on tweeter with their views and disappointments. Check out How People Reacted To The Shows Live Reunion Delay.

Even Jeremy Hartwell Of Love Is Blind Criticized The Catering

Jeremy made shocking claims about the catering provided during the second season of Love Is Blind filming. He made fun of production for the drinks they served on set. Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and energy drinks, in addition to mixers, were the “only drinks” provided on a regular basis. According to Jeremy’s court documents, the cast had difficulty obtaining “hydrating drinks” because they were “strictly limited” during the day.

Conclusion: Jeremy Hartwell, a Season 2 Love Is Blind contestant, filed a class action lawsuit against Netflix, Kinetic Content, and Delirium TV, alleging that he and other cast members were denied food, water, sleep, and access to friends and family during filming. Other former cast members have described “hellish” filming conditions. Hartwell also claimed that cast members worked long hours and were underpaid. This lawsuit illuminates reality TV production ethics and cast welfare.

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