Love Is Blind New Hosts: How Did Fans Reacted On Twitter About Hosts?

Nick and Vanessa Lachey have been replaced by Love. Favorites from “Love Is Blind” Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are in talks to take over as hosts of the Netflix dating show after the Lacheys’ “cringey” reunion. “There’s always been whispers about replacing them, especially now, after the live reunion special, which was a complete disaster on so many levels,” a show insider told on Tuesday. “There has to be a change if they want to keep their ratings up.”

Speed and Hamilton met on the dating show during its first season and married on November 14, 2018, which also happened to be Speed’s 31st birthday. So Let’s talk about Love is Blind’s New Host And why they wanna fire the previous couple working as a Host.


Love Is Blind New Hosts: Will Nick And Vanessa Lachey Still Host Season 5?

Since its debut in 2020, Nick and Vanessa Lachey have hosted the Netflix series (underwhelmingly, according to many critics). However, after the Season 4 reunion special, fans petitioned to have the married couple removed as hosts. The Season 4 reunion “felt very forced, rehearsed, and ingenuine [sic] regardless of any editing that they did,” according to Libby Cross, who started the “Remove Nick and Vanessa Lachey as the Hosts of Love is Blind” petition, which has gathered more than 34,000 signatures as of this writing on April 21.

Love Is Blind New Hosts
Love Is Blind New Hosts

The hosts displayed a bias toward certain contestants, which felt like an obvious attempt to manipulate the viewer into disliking certain contestants. It’s worth noting that Season 4 cast member Paul Peden also accused Vanessa of “personal bias” for grilling him about a remark he made about Micah. “I said, ‘F–k man.'” “They just kept drilling, drilling it down on me,” he told Entertainment Tonight after the reunion.

“I believe I’ve said my piece. Vanessa may have had a slight personal bias in that scenario, or at least that is what I suspected. I’m not sure. But that’s just my assumption based on how she continued to probe it after I explained why I felt the way I did.”

“…There was A LOT wrong with this season’s reunion, and almost all of it pointed back to hosts Nick and Vanessa Lackey,” the petition continued. I enjoy this show and hope it continues to be successful. Please join me in requesting that Netflix replace Nick and Vanessa as hosts of LIB….. with LAUREN AND CAMERON HAMILTON. If you agree, please sign both of these petitions to make Lauren and Cameron the new hosts!” Other Twitter users have expressed a desire for Season 1 favorites Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton to take over as hosts.

As the reunion was a mess and chaotic event many people and fans were angry about the show but their love for their favorite couple remains the same have you checked out the couple who are still together even after the show Love Is Blind?

Fans’ Reaction On Twitter About Love Is Blind Hosts

The Love is Blind live reunion could be described in one word: chaotic. Fans of the show are now upset with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey. This reunion episode had a lot of tea spilled, from what happened between Irina, Zack, and Bliss to Paul addressing those cheating rumors. Aside from the technical difficulties that forced viewers to wait over an hour to watch the show, some viewers are also criticizing the hosts.

Many people felt Nick and Vanessa were biased in their questioning of the cast and took to Twitter to express their feelings. Below we have provided some of their Tweets.

Is Love Is Blind Returning For A Fifth Season?

Season 4 may have ended recently, but Season 5 has already been announced! Netflix announced in March 2022 that it had renewed the show for seasons 4 and 5, so Love Is Blind fans won’t have to wait long for that big announcement.

Love Is Blind season 5 release date rumors: Netflix has not yet announced a release date for Love Is Blind’s fifth season, but co-host Vanessa Lachey has given us an idea of the season 5 filming dates. Speaking to E-News on April 12, 2022, the presenter stated that filming would take place in Houston “a few weeks” later – so we can expect filming to be completed. Seasons of Love Is Blind are typically four to seven months apart, so based on the show’s release history, season 5 is likely to arrive in either October or November 2023. we’ll see what’s gonna happened about the Love is Blind host in Season 5 till then don’t you wanna know Who Gets Married In Love Is Blind in Season 4

Conclusion: Netflix renewed Love is Blind for Seasons 4 and 5. However, fans have called for Nick and Vanessa Lachey to be replaced due to their perceived bias toward certain contestants and lack of authenticity during the Season 4 reunion special. The petition to remove the couple has over 34,000 signatures, and some fans want Season 1 hosts Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton. Season 5’s hosting will be announced in October or November 2023.

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