Macaulay Culkin Net Worth: How Did He Get Famous?

The legendary Home Alone actor was one of the biggest child stars ever on the planet, and during his early 1990s heyday, he was one of the highest-paid entertainers’ child or adult in the world. He was in such high demand that when he and his father delayed production on the film The Good Son for nine months, the studio didn’t even blink.


What Is Macaulay Culkin’s Worth In 2023?

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in 2018, he said that he didn’t understand he was wealthy until he was an adult because he didn’t have access to his finances until he reached 18 (four years after he “retired”).

“I wasn’t privy to this meeting until I became eighteen; I call it the “Slip of Paper” meeting because all they do is write a number on a piece of paper, slide it over the table, and then, “bang!”

Culkin’s current take-home earnings are likely relatively low—but seeing as he’s sitting on a cool $18 million, we assume he’s doing just fine on his prior earnings.

Macaulay Culkin Net Worth

“Not until I was eighteen did I see the infamous “Slip of Paper” meeting, in which a piece of paper with a number on it is slid across the table, and then, boom! So there you have it, “And he went on to say.” The way I saw it, some kid had to toil away for a long time so that I might benefit from his hard work in the form of a sizable inheritance.

I didn’t really have much common sense, but that just let me enjoy life and do everything as if it were a pastime. As I no longer have to worry about preparing food, I have more time to devote to other endeavors.” To read more articles like this visit this Josh Kushner Net Worth.

o, “… he made the following statement. “So it seemed as though some youngster had labored valiantly, and I had essentially inherited all of his wealth. I didn’t have much common sense, but that just let me approach life as if it were a pastime. These days, I have zero supper responsibilities, which frees me up to take on any number of initiatives.”

How Did Macaulay Culkin Get Famous?

Culkin became one of the most well-known child actors of all time. Culkin began acting at the young age of four in both stage and screen performances but, it wasn’t until John Hughes‘s Uncle Buck that he became a household name, costarring with the late, great John Candy. The role of Kevin McCallister in Home Alone came the next year and would forever define Culkin’s career. There are more articles like this if you want to check it out Alec Baldwin Net Worth.

After that, Culkin went on to star in even more legendary works like the tearjerker My Girl, the kid-favorite Richie Rich, the animated film The Pagemaster, and the suspense film The Good Son. He became close with Michael Jackson, appearing in the “Black or White” music video and even becoming the godfather of Jackson’s daughter Paris. To read more articles like this visit this Brad Goreski Net Worth.

What Does Macaulay Culkin Do For a Living?

Once a kid star, always a child star Macaulay Culkin still performs occasionally, but he’s picky about the roles he takes because of the money he made.

His most recent work includes an episode or two in 2022’s Righteous Gemstones and 2019’s Changeland, directed by his old buddy Seth Green and scripted by Culkin; Green and Brenda Song, the mother of Culkin’s kid, both star in the film. In addition, he publishes the website and podcast Bunny Ears.

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