Mary J Blige Divorce: What Happened Between Her And Kendu?

Mary J. Blige and Jodeci artist K-Ci had a rocky relationship in the ’90s. Blige married producer Kendu Isaacs after she had a comeback in the early 2000s. Their 12-year marriage ended in a bitter divorce that same year (2016).


Mary J Blige Divorce

In the early 2000s, Martin “Kendu” Isaacs began dating Mary J. Blige and the couple wed in 2003. Even though he is married to Blige, famous manager and record producer Isaacs has generally avoided the limelight.

Blige has been calling Isaacs her “hero in shining armor” and “love of her life” for years. Things appeared terrific at first, but they turned out to be less so as time went on.

According to court documents obtained by People magazine, Blige filed for divorce from Isaacs in 2016, claiming he had spent over $420,000 on “travel expenditures” related to a lady with whom he was having an affair. She also said he excessively spent on his other female companions.

Blige stated that Isaacs was driving a Mercedes for which she had already paid the lease and that he had refused to return her “Grammy[s] and other achievement prizes.” In addition, the “I’m Goin’ Down” singer claimed that she was the sole provider for her family and that she owed more than $10 million in debts. If You Want Read More So You Can See it Kendra And Hank Divorce.

Mary J. Blige And Kendu Isaacs’ Divorce Terms

The legal battle between Blige and Isaacs lasted almost two years. For spousal support, Isaacs initially sought the court for close to $130,000 per month.

Already greater than what Blige sought to give him, the judge gave him $30,000 per month to cover the “style of living” he had throughout his marriage to Blige. According to CinemaBlend, in June 2017, a judge also ordered Blige to pay Isaacs $235,000 in attorney expenses and back spousal support, starting from the date of the divorce filing.

She told Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, “No one wants to go through this, and this is hard.” “Any woman going through a divorce should make sure she maintains financial independence.”

The divorce has left her feeling “not happy about a lot of things,” she said. For a while there, there, I really did believe that someone loved me. As it turns out, he wasn’t who he claimed to be and he’s now chasing me for all my cash.

Blige paid Isaacs’ lawyers an undisclosed sum, in addition to the roughly $500,000 in spousal support she paid during the divorce. It hurt Blige since she had feelings for Isaacs for a long time. “When you come out of something like that, you know you were never the one,” she added candidly.

Someone else served as his queen. That was a trick, and I fell for it. I fell for it. This is meant to kill me, therefore I have to retain a positive attitude and a smile on my face. You Can See About This Dr Dre Divorce.

Mary J. Blige’s Life After Divorcing Kendu Isaacs

The divorce between Blige and Isaacs was finalized on the day of the 2018 Academy Awards when Blige was up for two awards (actress and songwriter) for her work on Mudbound.

Blige’s thirteenth studio album, 2017’s Strength of a Woman, is titled after the title track and is devoted to the challenges she’s endured since breaking up with her long-term spouse.

Mary J Blige Divorce

In an interview for BBC Radio 1Xtra from 2019, Blige was able to laugh about her divorce. When questioned about the qualities of her ideal man, she said, “He needs to have more money than me, that’s for sure, because I’m not taking care of any more men!” Read More About This Sterling Shepard Divorce.

Her upbeat declaration, “I’m having a blast,” summed up her mood well. I can’t believe how much fun I’m having. To put it simply, I am no longer confined. In my head, I am completely free. Spirited independence. I am free to be myself, to do my own thing, and to take pleasure in the company of others. is the place to go if you want to keep up with the most recent developments.

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