All the Terrifying Stuff That Happens in the World’s Scariest Haunted House

When it comes to haunted houses, McKamey Manor is in a class of its own. Even though the organizers of this American location promised USD$20,000 to any visitor who makes it through the entire thing without getting scared, no one has ever succeeded.

It’s so powerful that visitors to either of the house’s two sites (one in Summertown, Tennessee, and the other in Huntsville, Alabama) are required to sign a 40-page waiver before entering. Aside from that, they’ll need to pass a physical exam, show confirmation of medical insurance, get a letter from their doctor saying they’re fit to participate and submit to a background check through Skype.

To answer your question, what exactly is going on in this supposedly terrifying mansion? This is not a task for the faint of heart, that’s for sure (or, um, the claustrophobic). This is just a taste of the terrifying events that occur at McKamey Manor.


First Things First, It Lasts Up To 10 Hours

This isn’t just a leisurely 45-minute stroll around some spooky chambers. Ten hours, give or take, is how long the full McKamey Manor experience lasts if you stick with it. They’re not trying to scare you so much as see how long you can last under pressure.

They Might Shave Your Head

The “actors” who manage the performance cannot be touched by guests. But honey, they have a lot of physical contacts. A lot of people have left McKamey Manor with brand new buzz cuts; it’s part of the house’s plan to knock you down to your very core. Yeesh.

It’s Tailored To Your Deepest Fears

It’s Tailored To Your Deepest Fears And then makes a mint off of their misery. Afraid of water? Waterboarding is an option. Dislike clowns? Bobo is going to show up.

You Could Break Bones

If something bad occurs to you at McKamey Manor, you’ve waived your right to sue the facility (on pages and pages of the waiver). The signer of the waiver agrees that they understand the risks involved, which include, but are not limited to, being injured (ouch!) or even dying (eeeeee (temporarily, we hope).

Mckamey Manor Documentary

You will have a physical experience, and I don’t mean in the sense that you will need a cast when you leave. Guests have been forced to do things like walking a plank 7 meters above the ground without a safety net, eating rotten eggs, having their heads shoved into a box with bees, eating raw sewage, and more. An idea: stay home and watch a scary movie instead?

You Might Be Buried Alive… With Spiders

You know, getting buried alive and everything. You won’t be down there by yourself, that’s for sure. In the past have been imprisoned in coffins with tarantulas and cockroaches, the former being toxic and the latter requiring participants to lie very still to avoid being bitten. And while all this is going on, you’re 3.6 meters underground.

You, Um, Might Have To Drink Your Own Puke

Guests may get sick from the extreme sensitivity to light. that’s a bummer because the performers at McKamey Manor have a reputation for making visitors eat their vomit. This might be the worst thing about the place.

There is No Protective Code

Even if you’ve given up hope of ever getting your hands on that twenty grand and are ready to get the heck out of dodge, it won’t be as easy as just walking out the door. There is no magic phrase that will halt the performance; you’ll just have to beg the actors to let you leave.

Those who like to test their patience can participate in a “no mercy” version of the event in which they remain trapped until the actors decide to free them. This implies that you can be stuck there for a few more hours even after you’ve had enough and are ready to nope the fuck out of there.

Eels. Just… Eels.

The worst part is that some visitors say they were trapped in an aquarium full of swarming eels.

Finally, Some Good News

There are tens of thousands of individuals on the McKamey Manor waitlist, but only a select few are chosen to experience it each week. If for some insane reason you still wanted to sign up, you probably wouldn’t be accepted. Thankfully, that’s the case.

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