Mike Shinoda Net Worth: Is He Will Release New Linkin Park Music?

Mike Shinoda, a singer/songwriter, rapper, and producer, balanced the late Chester Bennington’s tortured, emotional wail with his assured delivery and confident bars, becoming one of the more well-known voices of the era while serving as co-vocalist of the multi-platinum alternative metal band Linkin Park. From 2000 until 2017, Shinoda released a streak of albums with Linkin Park that reached the top of the charts, winning two Grammy Awards in the process.

He released hip-hop-focused works as Fort Minor (2005’s The Rising Tied) and under his name (Post Traumatic and 2020s Dropped Frames series) after leaving Linkin Park. He also went on to score movies and video games. The X-Ecutioners, Lupe Fiasco, Cypress Hill, Styles of Beyond, and One OK Rock were among the artists for whom Shinoda produced music.

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Mike Shinoda’s Net Worth

American musician, record producer, and artist Mike Shinoda has a $65 million fortune. As a member of the alternative rock band Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda is best known. The band has sold more than 70 million albums worldwide as of this writing. The majority of the band’s album art was created by Mike.

Mike Shinoda's Net Worth

They were possibly the biggest rock band of the 2000s. In 2004, he also started the hip-hop side project, Fort Minor. Shinoda also co-founded the record company Machine Shop Records, and in 2018 he released his debut solo album, “Post Traumatic.”

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Is It Possible That Mike Shinoda Will Release New Linkin Park Music?

Linkin Park’s most recent album, “One More Light,” was released in 2017, but the group hasn’t performed since Chester Bennington’s passing later that year. During a Twitch stream in May of last year, the band’s other members promised to interact with fans “a bit more frequently,” but Mike Shinoda cautioned viewers not to “kick up the hype train.” “We chat every few weeks, but there are no upcoming tours, recordings, or albums. Just remember that’s not going to happen, he advised.

Nicole Alvarez questioned Shinoda about the recently revealed 20th-anniversary edition of Meteora because the Linkin Park song is going back out on the road:


However, Shinoda hinted that the band would release new songs in a recent interview with KROQ. When Nicole Alvarez questioned Shinoda about the recently revealed 20th-anniversary edition of “Meteora,” she said, “Come an anniversary, fans think Linkin Park is going back out on the road. “There are some things that will be on the table and some things that won’t be. Surprisingly, I don’t believe there is much that can’t be said about this release. The only option that isn’t on the table is touring. We are not currently on tour.


Did Mike And Chester Get Along?

Shinoda says he and Bennington spent tons of together, and even though they were bandmates who could pretty much just up and call it quits whenever, they never really felt the need to. “I spent more time with Chester than anyone else in my adult life, except for my wife.

What Is Chester’s Net Worth?

Chester Bennington’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million. Bennington was an American singer, musician, actor, and songwriter, who was best known as the songwriter and lead vocalist of the famous rock band Linkin Park.

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