Mortal Engine 2 Release Date, Trailer Available on Netflix!

Mortal Engines’ first season is now available on Netflix! Continue reading to learn when Mortal Engines 2 will be released.

Based on Philip Reeve’s series of books, Mortal Engines tells the story of a world where cities live on wheels. When a massive threat begins to destroy everything in its path, a girl named Hester Shaw meets a boy named Tom, and the two fight for the survival of the towns that remain.

Many fans assumed that because the original story was told in four books, the film series would have the same number of sequels. Unfortunately, the 2018 film failed to meet box office expectations, and with its recent Netflix release, fans are once again wondering when Mortal Engines 2 will be released.


Mortal Engine 2 Release Date

Netflix released the film in late 2018 and late 2021. Mortal Engines made $83 million worldwide. As a result, the production budget for this film adaptation has not even been recouped.

The theatrical release of Mortal Engines wasn’t great; in fact, it was a flop. Even three years after the release of Mortal Engines 2, it appears highly unlikely.

Mortal Engine 2

Mortal Engines, on the other hand, is such a sprawling saga that there’s no reason it couldn’t be turned into a Netflix series. There are a variety of ways to reduce CGI and focus on people rather than a CGI gore festival.

The Mortal Engines series being aired on Netflix would allow for a faster pace of development, more room for character development, and many side stories. Netflix recently acquired the rights, so there’s reason to be optimistic.

While Mortal Engines 2 is unlikely to be released, a mortal Engines series may be available on Netflix. In this case, a release date of 2023 could be hoped for.

Mortal Engine Trailer

What is the Purpose of Mortal Engines?

According to the official synopsis, “humanity has evolved and now lives in massive mobile cities, ruthlessly enslaving others hundreds of years after the earth was destroyed in an apocalyptic event.”

Tom Natsworthy, from Lower Level London, fights for his own survival after meeting the dangerous fugitive Hester Shaw. Then, two diametrically opposed characters will form an alliance that will have disastrous consequences for the future.

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