Everything We Know About Multiversus Season 1

Season 1 of MultiVersus will be released soon, bringing with it the new character Morty Smith, a ranked mode, and additional cosmetics available in a new battle pass. Players will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on Morty and some new cosmetics due to the latest postponement of Season 1, the new release date for which has not yet been confirmed. At some time in Season 1, Rick will also join the fray, offering gamers a second wizard to experiment with. Although the information is still sketchy, this is what we do know about Season 1 of MultiVersus.

No official date has been set for Season 1 of MultiVersus to premiere as of this writing. The launch date of August 9 has been pushed out to a later date. A Season 1 premiere date was supposedly “coming very soon” in a tweet(opens in a new tab) from the MultiVersus page outlining new material. Keep an eye on the MultiVersus Twitter and other social platforms to get the latest updates, but based on the scant details we have, we expect the premiere of Season 1 to occur around August of 2022.

Rick and Morty as New Multiversus Characters

Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez are two new faces in the MultiVersus cast this season. With the postponement of the premiere of Season 1, the release date for Morty has also been pushed back, though we can only hope it won’t be too much longer. We don’t know when Rick will be available, but he’ll probably come out sometime in the middle of Season 1 to spice things up a bit.

As a member of the Bruiser class, Morty is an Expert level fighter that is best suited for close-quarters combat and can be challenging to master. Furthermore, we anticipate that he will utilize the tremendously powerful arm he acquires in the episode in several of his maneuvers. In the meantime, Rick will be joining Tom, Jerry, and Bugs Bunny as a Mage/Ranged character, and his spatial portal rifle will no doubt play a significant role in his battle techniques. One can also expect the appearance of a plumber and scorpioid.

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Some suspected characters will likely appear in a future season of MultiVersus, but we don’t know if they’ll make an appearance in Season 1.

New Multiversus Ranked and Classic Arcade Modes

With Season 1 of MultiVersus, two new game modes—Ranked and Classic Arcade—have been added. Those are the only names we have at the moment, and we regret it. Taking cues from previous games, MultiVersus 1v1 faceoffs will most likely be available in the Ranked mode, where players compete against opponents of similar skills.

Multiversus Season 1

The classic arcade mode is, however, not as evident. Perhaps the fighters are controlled by artificial intelligence, and the mode is structured like Mortal Kombat’s Tower mode, in which players face off against progressively more formidable AI foes as they ascend the tower. We look forward to learning more about these game modes, especially Ranked, shortly.

Multiverses Season 1 Battle Pass

The new battle pass for Season 1 will be significantly larger than the one for the preseason. This pass includes 50 tiers of cosmetics and accessories and costs 950 Gleamium. New icons, banners, and skins—including a Robin skin for LeBron James—themed after Batman, House Stark, and Rick and Morty can be seen in the Season 1 Snapshot image.

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