Bird Box 2 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more

Bird Box, the Netflix horror film that spawned the ludicrous blindfolded game known as the Bird Box challenge, was a huge hit. Many fans of the post-apocalyptic thriller would welcome a sequel.

Bird Box 2 is in the works, according to Josh Malerman, the author of the novel on which the film is based. He couldn’t say much, but he did let slip that a sequel to Bird Box is in the works at Netflix. When asked about the upcoming chapter in the scary franchise, he was chatting to Inverse.

It’s no surprise that Netflix wants to develop a sequel to Bird Box, given that the first film is one of the streaming platform’s most popular, with roughly 26 million viewers in the first seven days, according to Nielson.

And now that we know that Bird Box 2 is on the way, one of the great concerns that remain is when Netflix will release the much-awaited sequel.


Bird Box 2 In Development?

Netflix is presently working on a sequel to Bird Box. Malerman discussed Malorie in an interview with Inverse, and the author disclosed that a Bird Box sequel is presently in the works at Netflix.

“I can’t say much,” he said, “but I can say it’s in the works.” All this secrecy can be strange at times, but I’m game.” “Malorie opens at the school for the blind, which is also where the film concludes,” he adds. Then it jumps a few years later, and ten years later, it takes off.”

Bird Box 2 release date

Now that we know Bird Box 2 will be released at some point in the future, everyone is wondering when Netflix will give fans a release date. It’s probably safe to expect that this announcement will take some time to arrive, as the project appears to be in its early phases of development.

It’s not uncommon for a Netflix film’s sequel to take a year or two to be released. They don’t want to hurry their titles, and given how big of a deal this was for Netflix, it’s logical to believe they’ll take their time with the next installment.

The pandemic has undoubtedly slowed things down in the production sector, so Netflix will proceed with new projects with caution until the situation becomes more manageable.

While a release date for Bird Box 2 is unknown, it is comforting to know that Netflix intends to continue the story.

bird box 2
bird box 2

Bird Box 2 cast

It’s almost usually reasonable to assume that at least some of the major characters from a film will return in a sequel, but one genre stands apart. Horror films are notorious for bringing in a new cast with each sequel, and while some of the original cast members may return, there’s a significant chance that Bird Box 2 will include a completely new cast.

Sandar Bullock, who starred in the first film, is well-known for being reluctant in reprising her roles. The two she’s done so far, Speed 2: Cruise Control and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabolous, didn’t go as planned, so, understandably, the Academy Award-winning actress is wary of making sequels.

All of the other cast members died prematurely at the hands of the evil power that causes people to commit suicide after witnessing the unseen being. Tom and Olympia may return, but they may be recast.

This is all speculation right now, and it will be interesting to see who completes the cast for the Netflix original feature Bird Box 2.

Bird Box 2 synopsis

The synopsis for Bird Box 2 has not yet been released by Netflix. Given that it is still in the early stages of development, it is safe to predict that one will not be released anytime soon.

At the very least, a summary for Bird Box 2 should be available around the time a release date is announced.

It’s possible that they’ll depict additional individuals going through the agony, or that Tom and Olympia, now grown children, will still be surviving in the post-apocalyptic horror in Bird Box 2.

Given the concept of people murdering themselves at the sight of these wicked, unseen beings, the story might go in a variety of directions. It could be interesting to investigate what these creatures seek or why they’ve come to this place.

Regardless of what they decide, the Netflix original will be a must-see.

Bird Box 2 trailer

The Bird Box 2 trailer has yet to be released. As soon as the thrilling trailer is available, we’ll share it with you.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we learn more about Bird Box 2. Stay tuned for further details on the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Netflix original film.

Bird Box 2 is officially in the works at Netflix

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