Black Summer Season 2 Review: Darker and Grittier Than the First Time!

During the early days of the zombie apocalypse, people were followed by the first season of Black Summer. It was a fantastic story that kept viewers on their toes. Because of the beginning of the real mayhem right at the end, we were reminded that this story was far from over. After a two-year hiatus, Netflix has finally released Black Summer season 2, much to the delight of the show’s devoted followers.

Season 2 of Black Summer appears to be a long time away due to a variety of factors, including the weather. Season 2 has a very cold climate. Rain or snow, everyone is either drenched or cold. Even though the survivors have slowed down, the zombies, for the most part, can still move at a breakneck pace despite the cold. A headshot is the only action that works on stopping the dead, and people still turn into zombies instantly.

A darker and grittier story on Black Summer season 2

This time around, things get a lot more gruesome and bloody. Season 2 of Black Summer continues to deconstruct the premise that “people are the real monsters” by introducing new subgroups and factions. Everyone distrusts everyone, and when people begin to put their faith in someone, the world falls apart. As a result of a mysterious plane dropping supplies, people are killing each other. People on the ground are going to war because of the supply drops, even though they appear to be beneficial.

The first episode of the new season features a fantastic zombie-fighting sequence. They kill him as they are fleeing the same way as he is. The new zombie immediately pursues this couple, bringing karma down on them. The fast-paced chase scene sets the tone for the rest of the episode and helps viewers realize the challenges that remain for survivors as the season continues to go on fast-paced

The first two episodes of the series are a bit disjointed, but the action sequences are fascinating to watch. The show’s storytelling requires the viewer’s full attention, but the show’s writers explain everything that is going on. Writers will often go back in time to show viewers the events that led up before a particular scene and explain why two characters were fighting.

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In comparison to other zombie shows on TV right now, Black Summer is a welcome change of pace. Chaos and mental exhaustion abound. As in The Walking Dead, the Black Summer survivors have not yet mastered the art of killing zombies. On a fundamental level, the fact that no one is safe is unnerving. There are no safe, calm scenes that encourage viewers to let their guard down and breathe at an average pace in this movie.

There is, however, a major drawback to Black Summer’s emphasis on horror. It’s a show that discourages viewers from getting emotionally invested in the characters.

Black Summer Season 2
Black Summer Season 2

Random deaths and knowing that anyone could die at any time appeal to many fans. But because the story is so engrossing, you lose interest in the characters. As exciting as it is to watch a story that keeps us guessing, the majority of the deaths only elicit a fearful response from us rather than an emotional one. Once they’re gone, there aren’t many characters you’ll miss.

Overall, the second season of Black Summer is a step up from the first. It’s not perfect because a lot of people will have issues with the narrative. Season 2 has a lot going for it that fans will enjoy and want to see again and again. There were two major cliffhangers in the finale, so let’s hope Netflix picks up Black Summer for the third season.

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