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Due to its effectiveness in deterring criminals, Amazon’s Ring home security system has become more and more popular. It makes sense that you might want to combine two Ring accounts into one app given how widely used it has grown to improve efficiency and streamline processes.But you need to start by asking yourself if it’s really possible to achieve that.

You must log out of one Ring account in order to log into the other; you cannot have two active Ring accounts on the same app. Additionally, even if the same app is used to access both accounts, you cannot control Ring devices belonging to one account from another account.You can read the rest of the post to learn everything you need to know about managing different Ring accounts as well as the most effective methods.


How Ring Accounts Work

To manage your devices, watch movies, and generally keep track of your security logs, you need a Ring account. Here’s what you have to do to create your first account:

  • Install the app. Both the iOS and Android app stores sell it.
  • Start the app. You can choose to sign up or log in by just tapping on it.
  • If you already have an account, log in. If not, go to the registration process. You might need to register.
  • Fill out the registration forms. Your name, place of residence, and email address must be entered. Additionally, you must come up with a password for your account.
  • Look up the email address. You’ll receive a link that you can click to confirm that you possess the address.
  • Register on the app. You can log into the app and add your devices when you’ve been validated.

Why You Can’t Have Multiple Accounts on One App

Ring prohibits having two “Owners” on the same app. You could, for instance, create a second complete account to your app and simply move between the two on your Twitter account. Currently, the Ring app does not have this feature.

To utilise different accounts on the app, you must log in and out. In order to maintain separate accounts for each location where you have Ring devices installed, you must be prepared to switch accounts as necessary. You must log out of Account B and into Account A in order to view information on Account A, and vice versa. The goal of wanting to monitor two places simultaneously is defeated by such a configuration.What other options do you have?

Why You Can’t Have Multiple Accounts on One App

Multiple Ring accounts on a single app can be avoided in two ways.

Get a Second Device

You can use the Ring app on any iOS or Android device, as we mentioned before. Therefore, you can think about purchasing a second device if you wish to use two accounts at once. Having two phones to carry around may be cumbersome, but if you choose a compact, lightweight model, you won’t even notice carrying it until you need to use it. Furthermore, your second gadget doesn’t have to be pricey; it simply needs to let you download the Ring app.

can i have two ring accounts on the same app
can i have two ring accounts on the same app

You can purchase devices for your second Ring account from, including the LG TracFone K31 Rebel and the Motorola Net10 Moto E6. Both are reasonably priced Android devices with respectable battery life.

Become a Shared User on One Account

On a Ring account, you can add yourself as a shared user. With this setup, you can keep an eye on your primary account as the owner while also monitoring the other as a shared user. However, a Business account is the only one where this option is accessible. If you have a Business account, you can use the following to monitor various Ring configurations in one app: Use the account you want to track to get into your app account. Use your other log-in information when creating a shared user inside the account.

Shut down the app.

To finish the procedure, look for the Shared User invite in your inbox and follow the directions. Using the login information that is also a Shared User on the other account, access your app once more. Within the same app, you should have access to two accounts. Without logging in and out to switch between the two accounts, you can receive pertinent notifications from both accounts. You should be aware that a Shared User would be subject to some restrictions. You may carry out the following:

  • Employ smart locks.
  • Set the alarm system to on or off.
  • Videos can be saved on and shared from your device.
  • Set your preferences for notifications.
  • You can watch saved videos if you have a Ring Protect Plan.
  • When someone knocks on the door or activates the motion sensors you placed, receive and respond to alerts.

Become a Shared User on One Account

  • Delete any videos you’ve saved or shared.
  • Delete the account’s gadgets.
  • Add additional users to the shared group.
  • Any Ring device’s settings can be changed.
  • Sign up for any plan.
  • Consider the Shared User setting as a “Guest Mode” that lets you keep the essential features of the programme without making administrative changes.

Can You Control the Same Ring Devices Using Multiple Accounts?

The same Ring devices cannot be controlled by numerous accounts. The owner account is automatically the one that first adds the Ring device. The only account that can control the device is that one. If you don’t first remove the device from the Owner account, trying to log into your app with a different account to operate the same device won’t function.

Final Thoughts

Logging out of one account before using the second is the only method to use two accounts on the same Ring app. Get a second device or set up a Shared User account for one of the main accounts if you need to keep track of many Ring accounts or devices in various locations. For the latter, you will want a Ring Business plan. If none of the options appeal to you, you can get by with using the Ring desktop software to access your second account until it is removed in 2022.

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