Cannon Busters Season 2 Release Date, Story And Fresh Updates

The anime series ‘Cannon Busters’ debuted in Japan in 2019. Currently, the show is on the second season of its run. As an American animated series rather than a Japanese or Korean one, it does not qualify as an anime. We’re still including it because it was made by a Japanese company and is based on a manga comic book series, so it’s still on our list. Based on the popular 2015 comic book series of the same name, Cannon Busters premiered in 2015 and was a box office hit.
On April 12, Netflix’s original series, “Friendship Robot,” debuted with a lead character on the hunt for her long-lost pal. On its voyage, the robot is also accompanied by a beautiful pink Cadillacfugitive .’s companion. The series was animated by Satelight and Yumeta Company. Another studio from Satelight is Log Horizon, which has already gained many clearances for the forthcoming season.

In the end, the series was brought to life through animation after a long time of expectation. Because the author of a comic book is involved, it’s a success story. LeSean Thomas is the primary player in this event. Kickstarter helped him raise $156,000 in 2014, making it possible to turn the series into an animated one. Fans have been patiently awaiting the second season for more than three years.

Does this imply that Netflix will be bringing Cannon Busters back for a second season?


Cannon Busters Season 2 Release Date

Cannon Busters Season 2 may take longer to appear on Netflix compared to other Netflix animated shows. Short films by Japanese and African-American animators are combined in the style. The sequel may take the same amount of time as the first.

Several obstacles are preventing the streamer from starting production this year. Overall, the feedback has been really positive. There are a few shows on Netflix that are animated, but the streaming service has never shied away from appealing to a wide demographic.

cannon busters season 2
cannon busters season 2

When S.A.M. and the gang tried to rescue Kelby, he was kidnapped, and they were unsuccessful. S.A.M. and her quest to reconnect with Kelby have encountered even more difficult foes since Kelly started on his journey to the Mystic Emperor. S.A.M. only recently learned that she is a Cannon Buster, so don’t be surprised if you see her in this form against even more dangerous foes.

Cannon Busters Season 2 Story

It was only when Bessie was killed that Philly became outraged that she had been killed in the first place. In the absence of a car, the trek through Gearbolt will be considerably longer. However, it is possible that they will be able to repair Bessie or acquire a new vehicle. The expedition will have to wait until the end of the quest to face the evil Mystic Emporer.
To bring two friends back together after years apart, a motley crew of adventurers known as the Cannon Busters sets off on a voyage through the fictitious country of Gearbolt. Friendship Droid SAAM’s story centers around her desire to see her best friend Kelby once more before she dies. In her attempt to retrieve the missing S.A.M., Casey Turnbuckle – an out-of-date, quirky, and abandoned maintenance robot – joins her

Additional assistance comes from Philly the Kid, a notorious, egotistical criminal who has been wanted for a variety of crimes across the United States. As soon as he discovers that the two droids Casey and S.A.M. may be connected to his past, Philly offers to assist them. As a result of his embarrassing history and alcoholism, 9ine, Gearbolt’s best swordsman, has vowed never to use a sword again in his life.

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Cannon Busters Season 2 Characters

Philly, an outlaw and the most wanted criminal in Gearbolt’s western areas, is rude and impatient throughout the anime. Throughout her voyage, he stands at Samberry’s side. Philadelphia is not only eternal, but it is also indestructible. The young robot daughter of Prince Toji has been kidnapped by an unknown entity. Also, he enjoys expressing himself in an energetic and innocent style. S.A.M.

Her Cannon Buster ability allows her to protect one of her comrades at any time. Botica’s teenage prince When his kingdom was attacked, it put his friendship with S.A.M. at risk. Odin forced him to follow him to Gara’s Keep, which he despises.


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