‘Castlevania’ Season 5: Everything We Know So Far!

‘Castlevania’ has had a significant impact on Netflix programming. The anime series debuted in July 2017 and is the streamer’s first original production.

It immediately garnered a large following and received positive reviews from critics. It won an IGN Award for Best Animated TV Series in 2018 for its second season, which had a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

With such a fantastic response and success, fans were taken aback when Netflix revealed that season 4 of the anime will be the final season.

Fans need not be concerned, though, for we will soon return to the ‘Castlevania’ realm.

Let’s take a deep dive.


Will There Be ‘Castlevania’ season 5?

Season 5 of ‘Castlevania’ will not be produced. In March 2020, a few weeks after the third season was released on Netflix, the anime was renewed for a fourth season. A month after the renewal, it was announced that the anime’s fourth season would be its final run. The last season was released in May 2021, and it neatly tied up the story.

Netflix did not explain the cancellation, as is customary. In addition, the streamer frequently conceals its viewership data (except for a few well-performing shows). As a result, we may never learn the true cause for the cancellation.

Castlevania season 5
Castlevania season 5

We can only assume that the anime came to a natural finish and be thankful that all of the loose ends were correctly tied.

The fourth and final season of ‘Castlevania’ concludes with a final bloodbath at Castle Dracula. We learned that Malcolm McDowell’s Varney is The Grim Reaper and that he intends to resurrect Dracula and force him to go on a killing rampage so that they can have an unlimited supply of food.

The evil plan was thwarted thanks to Trevor. In the end, everything went smoothly. Trevor, Sypha, Alucard, and Greta, as well as Dracula and Lisa, all had happy endings.

Dracula and Lisa were resurrected in their bodies, and instead of seeking vengeance, they chose to travel the world together.

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Is There A ‘Castlevania’ Spinoff?

Kinda. According to Deadline, a “new series set in the same Castlevania universe with a new cast of characters” would premiere in April 2021.

According to Netflix, the all-new series, which is set in France during the French Revolution, will star Richter Belmont (the son of Sypha and Trevor) and Maria Renard.

Will There Be More ‘Castlevania’ Content In The Future?

Even though Trevor Belmont’s story was firmly completed by the anime, there are still lots of possibilities for the ‘Castlevania universe to return to Netflix in the future.

There is a wealth of content that can be turned into spinoffs that span decades. There are other methods to explore the ‘Castlevania universe besides spinoffs, such as a multiverse cross-over.

The rights to the Japanese videogame series ‘Devil May Cry’ were purchased by Castlevania executive producer Adi Shankar in 2018. He plans to make an animated series based on the game, which “will join Castlevania in what we’re now calling the bootleg multiverse,” according to IGN.

We don’t yet know how Castlevania will fit into the crossover project, but we may find out soon enough.

Producer Adi Shankar gave us a long-awaited update on ‘Devil May Cry’ in October 2021. The first season’s writing is already finished.

Shankar told ComicBook, “All of the season one scripts are done.”

“On the scripts, I worked with a fantastic writer named Alex Larson. The scripts are fantastic, and I wanted to make my fellow DMC fans proud by delivering them. This was created by a DMC fan for DMC fans, and that was the project’s ethos. Production is expected to commence in the first quarter of next year.”

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