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Dexter is returning, in case you haven’t heard. Nearly a decade after its “final” episode aired to mixed reviews, the Showtime drama is returning for a ninth season, giving the cast one more chance to deliver a killer finale. The network announced at Comic-Con on July 25 that the series will return for 10 new episodes on November 7th, with no word on whether it will continue afterward. However, if you wish to do so before the new episodes air on Showtime, you may do so here. We’re here if you’re having trouble understanding the Season 8 finale.

During the eight seasons of the Michael C. Hall-led Showtime series that earned 24 Primetime Emmy Award nominations, Hall was nominated five times in a row from 2008 to 2012. Ten Golden Globe nominations and numerous other awards were also given to the show because of its high-profile status and impressive performances. There are many familiar faces set to appear in the new series, so Dexter fans should start rewatching as soon as possible.

Though Dexter’s final episode aired several years ago, this is your warning that spoilers abound. In this post, we explain everything you need to know about the final episode of Dexter Season 8


What happened in the Season 8 finale of DexterDexter Season 8 finale ending, explained:

Private investigator Jacob Elway foils Dexter’s Argentina trip with his son and loves interest Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) in the series finale of Dexter. Meanwhile, serial killer Oliver Saxon has shot and rushed to the hospital by Deb Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) which caused her to have a stroke. When Dexter learns that Saxon was responsible for Deb’s death, he kills him in self-defense.

While on his way to find Deb, Dexter decides to turn off her life support and take her corpse out of the hospital with him. He calls Harrison and Hannah on their flight to Argentina and tells them how much he misses them while in transit.

It’s presumed that Dexter has drowned after his boat is discovered to be in total ruin. Are we in for a big surprise at the end? After faking his death and taking on a new identity, he’s now hiding out in a small town in Oregon. For the upcoming revival season, he will be found in that location.

Why does Dexter throw Deb into the ocean? Will Deb be back for the Dexter revival?

There’s no doubt about it: the first question is open to debate. “When she takes her off life support she’s very much a presence there,” Dexter producer Sara Colleton said about the show’s finale. “I believe that’s what she wants,” Colleton said in an interview with EW. If something like this were to happen to me, I’d like to think I’d have a big brother who would shoulder the burden.

Deb’s story in the Dexter universe doesn’t end there. Carpenter’s involvement in the revival has been confirmed, so expect to see her in a flashback or another cameo appearance.

Dexter Season 8
Dexter Season 8

Was the Season 8 finale of Dexter the end of the show? What’s next for Dexter?

The Season 8 finale was, in fact, the end of the entire series when it aired in 2013. Showtime has since picked up a ninth season of the popular drama, allowing fans to catch up with the cast of characters. It is currently unknown if this revival will be a one-time event, or if the series will continue into Season 10 at Showtime.

Was the Season 8 finale of Dexter bad? Why are there more episodes of Dexter?

We can conclude that Dexter fans were not pleased with the original ending based on these low Rotten Tomatoes scores. Even so, at yesterday’s Comic-Con Panel Hall acknowledged the criticism, saying: “The chance to revisit it and, in the process, redefine the sense of the show’s ending and a legacy was certainly part of our motivation.” Hall said. I’m crossing my fingers that they get it right this time!

Is there a trailer for the revival of Dexter?

There is. See what happens next in Dexter’s world by scrolling up and watching the video above.

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