Hilda Season 3 Release Date: Is Series Come This Year?

A television series based on Luke Pearson’s graphic novel series of the same name, Hilda, is now airing on Disney XD. It follows the exploits of fearless Hilda, an 11-year-old blue-haired girl who travels to Trolberg with her deer fox Twig, where she encounters even the most terrifying creatures.

The critically acclaimed Netflix miniseries debuted on September 21. There has been a strong demand for a second season of the show, which was announced on October 8th, 2018. The New York International Children’s Film Festival premiered the first two episodes on February 25, 2018. On December 14, 2020, the second season was released, and on December 30, 2021, Netflix aired a feature called Hilda and the Mountain King.

Animaniacs and the Hulu cartoon series Animaniacs both share the Emmy Award for “Outstanding Editing in a Daytime Program” for “Outstanding Main Title Sequence,” “Outstanding Children’s Television Series,” and “Outstanding Editing in a Daytime Program.” On November 19, 2021, Silvergate Media announced that the show had been resurrected for a third and final season.


When Will Hilda Season 3 Be Released?

Although Hilda season 2 was released months ago, no official release date has been announced for Hilda season 3. Furthermore, those who expected a regular release schedule would be disappointed. As soon as it was revealed, Hilda’s second season would premiere in 2020, two years after the first. However, even though Hilda season 3 is scheduled to be released soon, we won’t be able to watch it for some time.

Until then, Hilda fans will have to rely on the upcoming movie special and graphic novels for their fill.

There’s always the possibility that Hilda will be released earlier than Netflix had anticipated. Since there is no official word from Netflix until they do, the show’s loyal followers will likely remain in the dark.

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Who Will Be in The Third Season of Hilda’s Cast?

All of Hilda’s primary characters will almost probably return in the third season, providing it ever airs. Of course, this involves the return of Bella Ramsay, who plays Hilda. It’s also reasonable to bank on the return of the rest of the show’s significant cast members. Ameerah Falzon-Ojo and Oliver Nelson, Hilda’s two best friends, are expected to reprise their roles in the film.

Hilda season 3 has so far only been hinted upon in passing. The good news is that it might be anything. In Hilda’s universe, the unknowns of the magical and mystical are a constant source of fascination. As weird as it may seem, this excuses the entire lack of information concerning Season 3. Last but not least, mystery is one of the show’s most appealing features.

Hilda Season 3


Hilda is an 11-year-old girl who lived with her mother in a hut on the fringes of the woods near the walled city of Stolberg. Twig, her deer fox, Alfa, and her friends David and Frida join her on a series of adventures in and around Stolberg, which include encounters with fascinating animals, humans, and spirits of all sorts.


Previously, Luke Pearson had worked as a storyboard artist on multiple episodes of Adventure Time. He had some thoughts about how Hilda could work in animation even before he started working on the first comic, but he never seriously contemplated doing an animated adaptation of the Hilda books early in the series.

In the past, several production companies had expressed an interest in adapting Hilda, but no agreement had been reached. According to Pearson, these alternate conceptions of the Hilda series had distorted the idea of what it was supposed to be and had altered other fundamental aspects, leaving only the exterior shell of what the series was supposed to be.

The first book in the Hilda series, Hildafolk, was discovered by Silvergate producer Kurt Mueller while browsing a Brooklyn independent bookshop in 2014. Producers at Silvergate were enamored with the book and wanted to turn it into a television series.

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