Everything You Need to Know This Hurricane Season in Florida!

The WESH 2 First Warning Weather Team is ready for whatever the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season brings.

The WESH 2 NEWS HURRICANE SURVIVAL GUIDE can be downloaded here.

There have been tens of thousands of people moving to Florida since Hurricane Irma struck Central Florida in 2017 and millions more have made the state their home since then.

No matter how long you’ve lived here, you must be prepared for a busy hurricane season.


Expecting an Active Season

Just last week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued its 2022 hurricane season forecast. An above-average season is expected, with a 70 percent chance of 14-21 named storms. Among those named storms, six to ten will become hurricanes and three to six will be major hurricanes.

Temperatures in the Atlantic are expected to rise above normal over the next few months as La Nia continues to brew in the Pacific. NOAA predicts that this, in combination with weakened tropical Atlantic trade winds and a strengthened West African monsoon, will lead to an increase in activity.

Evacuation education

Many people dream of living near or on the water. Hurricane season can be particularly dangerous if you live near the coast or in a coastal town. Because you never know when you’ll have to leave your home for safety’s sake.

An important part of your hurricane preparedness strategy is figuring out the best way to evacuate in the event of flooding. Continue reading to learn more.

Breaking down the hurricane categories

Hurricane Season is when tropical depressions and storms are discussed frequently. As they pass over warm water, these systems could intensify into hurricanes. As soon as a storm strengthens into a hurricane, it is given a name. The terms “Cat one” or “Cat two” are probably familiar to you from hearing a meteorologist describe a storm.

Breaking down the storm impacts by area

A storm’s effects can vary greatly depending on where you live. ‘You don’t seem to have a plan, then. Cam Tran, a meteorologist, shows us how weather can have a variety of effects, whether you live near the coast or in the countryside. Continue reading to learn more.

From tropical storm to a category 5 hurricane

During hurricane season, it is critical to be prepared for any storm type that may develop. In the last few years, we’ve seen a disturbing trend: Tropical storms and category 1 hurricanes have suddenly morphed into monster category 5 storms. A fast-moving storm leaves little time for people to prepare or evacuate.

Alex Alecci, a First Warning meteorologist, explains this phenomenon. Continue reading to learn more.

Hurricane Season in Florida
Hurricane Season in Florida

Tornado Threat During Hurricanes

Tornadoes are one of the dangers you face during a hurricane. Even though they don’t seem to go together, the two are a deadly combination. A Word of Caution Why tornadoes occur and what you should do in the path of one is discussed in this video by meteorologist Kellianne Klass. Continue reading to learn more.

 After Post-storm Danger

Even though hurricanes can be dangerous, it’s critical for visitors to Florida, as well as Floridians who have lived here for some time, to keep in mind that the most dangerous time is after the storm has passed. Meteorologist Alex Alecci provides an overview of post-storm dangers. Find out more here.

Wesh 2’s Long-range Forecast

One of the most frequently asked questions for the First Alert weather team is: When will a hurricane strike?

For some time, we’ve been trying to come up with a scientific way of answering that important question.

The first long-range hurricane forecast from WESH 2 was issued last year, and we had a 75 percent accuracy rate in showing not only when but where storms could hit.

A Word of Caution In this year’s forecast, Florida is on high alert, says meteorologist Eric Burris. Continue reading to learn more.

Build Out Your Hurricane Kit

When hurricane season arrives, it’s time to get ready. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of what you’ll need in our Hurricane Survival Guide 2022.

The process of naming storms

There were no hurricanes or tropical systems until 1953 when the first names were given.

Those storms now have a special tribute list of 21 names, which has been used yearly since then. However, the Greek alphabet has been used as a fallback twice since 1953 when we ran out of names.

That backup system, on the other hand, is being phased out this year.

This is why and what will happen next, according to First Warning Meteorologist Cam Tran. Continue reading to learn more.

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