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The second season of In/Spectre is eagerly anticipated following the success of the first season, which airs in the winter of 2020. Anime combines mystery, isekai, and romance into a unique package.

The story revolves around the goddess of wisdom, Kotoko, who investigates several incidents involving humans and yokai.

Kuro, a strange young man with talents that allow him to communicate with Yokai, becomes her love interest shortly after. They work as a team to delve into the many bizarre occurrences that take place in the spiritual and human realms.
A wide audience was impressed by In/success. Spectre’s The characters had good chemistry because of their differing personalities, and they immediately became the audience’s favourites.


Release Date

Kodansha has officially announced the continuation of In/Specter season 2. As of this writing, the release date for the second volume of the Kyokou Suiri manga has not been announced, although it is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2021 or winter of 2022.
Co-produced by Crunchyroll, Season 1 debuted in January 2020. Season 2 filming has already begun, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for an announcement about the second season’s release date.

in spectre season 2
in spectre season 2

Visuals and Trailers

Even though nothing major has been disclosed about what will happen in season 2, we do have a nice bride-groom scenario with an overly exuberant Kotoko and a completely unhappy Kuro inviting the viewers for season 2.
This is a dynamic that’s both familiar and exciting!
In addition, a film recapping the events of season one and promoting season two has been released. Kotoko introduces herself, the rest of the main cast, and sums up season 1’s events in the PV as well.

The season 2 announcement comes towards the end of the clip. All we know after this PV is that Season 2 is presently under production.

About In/Spectre

As a young girl of 11, Kotoko was kidnapped by youkai and forced to serve as a go-between for the worlds of spirits and humans.

To this day, if youkai need help with a problem, they go to Kotoko for advice and guidance. Kuro, with whom she falls in love, joins them. Kuro may have a powerful secret.

It is based on Kyo Shirodaira’s 2011 novel, In/Spectre. As a result, Season 1 of the anime adaptation will premiere in January 2020 with 12 episodes, making it popular among fans and setting the stage for Season 2.
The anime’s second season has been officially announced by Kodansha, although no date has been set for its airing.

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