Ink Master Season 6 Cast: Meet The 18 Contestants Before The June 23 Premiere On Spike!

Are you ready to get some new ink on your hands? Spike is here! A brand new season of “Ink Master” will premiere on the network on Tuesday night.

Master and apprentice will be the theme of this year’s sixth season of the reality series. These 18 artists will compete for a feature in Inked magazine and a cash prize of $100,000, as in previous years. Every week, they must impress the judges with their inventiveness and technical mastery to win new challenges.

In addition to Jane’s Addiction star Dave Navarro, renowned tattoo artists Chris Nunez (“Miami Ink”) and Oliver Peck will serve as the show’s judges (Elm Street Tattoo). Until Tuesday’s premiere on Spike at 10 p.m. EDT, you can see the new cast members in action.

Chris Blinston

Coral Springs, Florida native Clint Blinston is taking on Tyler Nolan in a rematch. No Hard Feelings Tattoo Gallery’s owner/artist, who has 18 years of experience under his belt, will be a formidable opponent.

Miami Burgess

There is no need for “Ink Master” to help Miami Burgess establish himself in the tattoo industry. Over the past two decades, the Skin Werks tattoo artist from Carrollton, GA has tattooed an image of Michael Jackson on rapper DaBrat. Craig Foster, who appeared in Season 3 of the Spike reality show, will be his opponent.

Erik Campbell

Big Ceeze
In Season 6, Big Ceeze faces off against his “student,” Kito. The owner and artist of Mi Familia Tattoo in Anaheim, California, has 17 years of experience specializing in black-and-grey realism and is eager to put it to good use for you.
Ink Master Season 5
Ink Master Season 5

Dave Clarke

After serving in the military, Dave Clarke went on to work at Sacred-X-Pression in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Because “the student is always better than the teacher,” he’s eager to take on Earle Noble.

Duffy Fortner

When you have a 10-month-old baby and 12 years of experience, it sounds like Duffy Fortner is ready for anything. The tattoo artist from Red Octopus Tattoos in Prince Frederick, MD is excited to be the first woman to hold the title of Ink Master.

Craig Foster

You may recognize Craig Foster from his appearance on Season 3 of “Ink Master.” The fan-favorite cast member, who specializes in new skool, is returning to face off against his mentor, Miami Burgess.

Ryan Hadley

Realism, hyperrealism, black and white, and Japanese are some of Ryan Hadley’s favorite subjects. St. Marq, the owner, and artist from Fort Wayne, Indiana, has been in the industry for 15 years and wants to challenge his protege.


An Oklahoma tattoo artist known as Kito is known for his black and grey and lettering tattoo designs. There is no room for error when it comes to Fido Tattoo’s owner/artist, Big Ceeze.


Kruseman has been tattooing for 20 years. When Kruseman takes over Oldeline Tattoo in Hagerstown, MD, he intends to show his “cocky” apprentice what he’s been missing out on as a tattoo artist.

Marisa Lauren

Even before the 2014 Colorado State Fitness Competition, Marisa Laren already had a title to her name: third place. Just three years into her career as a tattoo artist hasn’t dulled this newcomer’s competitive streak.

St. Marq

It’s been 25 years since St. Marq started tattooing, and he specializes in “Epic Multi-Surface tattoos,” “Black and Grey Realism,” and “Large conceptual tattoos.” His rival Ryan Hadley has an inflated sense of self-importance, and he intends to bring him down a notch.

Katie McGowan

Katie McGowan has only been in the business for five years. Despite her lack of experience, she hopes her “competitive personality” and self-confidence will help her become the first female “Ink Master.”


At Blue Panda Tattoo, MV is a tattoo artist and the owner. He has six years of experience and specializes in black and white and realism. He’s taking on Brian Stephens, a former apprentice.

Earl Noble

Tattooist Earle Noble hails from the city of New Orleans, but he now lives and works in Florida’s St. Petersburg. Ten years in the business have taught him to be realistic.

Tyler Nolan

When Tyler Nolan isn’t working, you can find him “venomous snake handling” in his spare time. Additionally, he has 10 years of experience and works as a tattoo artist at Vatican Tattoos in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As a student, he wants to outdo Chris Blinston, his mentor.

Matt O’Baugh

Black Cobra Tattoos, located in Sherwood, Arkansas, is run by Matt O’Baugh. Katie McGowan, the artist’s employee, is in a head-to-head competition with the artist.

Brian Stephens

Brian Stephens is a newcomer to the tattoo industry. Though only three years into his career, the El Paso, TX artist is determined to earn the respect of those with more experience than he does. Traditional and realism are his main interests, and he has already won awards in both categories.

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