Is Megan West’s Taylor Kelly Leaving 9-1-1?

Buck maintains an endearing bond with Taylor in FOX’s action series ‘9-1-1.’ Buck develops as a person as a result of the relationship, becoming more responsible and well-controlled. Buck and Taylor’s compatibility improves their connection and relationship. However, the fifth season’s spring premiere reveals a dramatic turn in Buck’s romantic life as he develops feelings for Lucy. Since Lucy is promoted to a permanent position at Station 118, heightening tensions between her and Buck, one may ponder if Lucy’s introduction signals Taylor’s departure from Buck’s life, opening the way for Megan West’s possible leave. Let us ascertain! SPOILERS AFTER THIS POINT.


What Happened to Taylor Kelly?

Buck and Lucy team up to rescue a family from a bombed moving truck in the eleventh episode of season 5. Buck is taken aback by Lucy’s courage as she unflinchingly assists him in completing the rescue attempt. Buck and Lucy share drinks and kisses at the end of the day’s labor. When Hen learns what happened between Buck and Lucy, she pushes him to tell Taylor about it rather than conceal it. Buck makes an attempt to inform Taylor of the incident but withdraws when Panic strikes, accidentally inviting Taylor to move in with him.

Megan West Taylor Kelly
Megan West Taylor Kelly

Buck conceals the occurrence with Lucy to maintain his connection with Taylor. When Hen teases him about Lucy, Buck responds by stating that he may never see her again, except to greet her as his new colleague. Given that Lucy’s continual presence is expected to dominate Buck, possibly convincing him to end his relationship with Taylor, Lucy’s admirers must be concerned that Lucy is a replacement for Taylor. Buck’s incapacity to keep a secret may persuade him to disclose the incident to Taylor, causing her to terminate the relationship. If that is the case, the storyline provides an exit route for West from the series. Is the actress, then, departing from the show? Let us examine.

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Is Megan West Leaving 9-1-1?

When Buck realizes Lucy would be his permanent colleague, he is taken aback at the prospect of becoming closer to her. While his relationship with Taylor is going swimmingly, he may find Lucy alluring. If Taylor decides to move in with him, Buck will be compelled to confess the truth to avoid the same outcome, which could spell the end of their relationship. If Buck and Taylor call it quits, Buck’s storyline will very certainly center on the love tensions between him and Lucy, almost certainly assuring Megan West’s resignation.

On the other side, Lucy’s debut may serve as a story device demonstrating Buck’s dedication to Taylor and their relationship. Even if he initially fails to resist Lucy’s advances, the kissing event may teach him how to be a better man for his fiancée, so strengthening their relationship. Buck may have to fight a war within himself to be loyal to Taylor while working alongside Lucy. Rather than forming a friendship with his new colleague, Buck may learn to be responsible enough to protect Taylor’s life.

With these possibilities in mind, Megan West may be hesitant to bid farewell to Taylor and ‘9-1-1.’ Given that neither the actress nor FOX has confirmed Taylor’s alleged departure, we can anticipate West continuing to appear on the procedural show.

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