Kendra And Hank Divorce: What Was The Reason For The Divorce Between Them?

Kendra And Hank Divorce: After playing one of Hugh Hefner’s live-in girlfriends on E’s “The Girls Next Door,” which ran from 2005 to 2009, Kendra Wilkinson rose to fame in the middle of the 2000s at the age of 19. as seen on IMDb And she had no idea how much being on the show would change her life.

At a Playboy golf event in 2008, Kendra met Hank Baskett, the man who would become her husband and the father of her children. Hank Baskett played wide receiver for the Eagles of Philadelphia. Kendra posted an emotional comment on an old Instagram photo nine years after the couple first met. She remarked, “From the moment we locked eyes on the golf field, I knew he was mine.”

Kendra left the Playboy Mansion the same year the program finished because she wanted to be with Hank. Their June 2009 wedding took place at the Playboy Mansion, a venue well-known to Kendra.

The couple separated in 2018 after being together for over ten years due to open communication about major personal difficulties. The proverbial camel’s back has been broken, but what was the final straw? Details about the split between Hank and Kendra are provided here. In addition, the links below will take you to some connected pieces Lisa Hochstein Divorce


Soon After Hank and Kendra Began Dating, They Got Married

The Girls Next Door” broadcast from August 2005 till December 2009. Where Hugh Hefner’s third girlfriend, Kendra Wilkinson, broke up with him near the conclusion of the fifth season he didn’t have to look far to find a new man in Hank Baskett.

They supposedly started dating in 2008. On an episode of “Chelsea Lately,” Kendra confirmed their relationship. The couple got engaged after being together for a month, and they announced they were expecting their first child together seven months after their wedding. Kendra and Hank tied the knot at the Playboy Mansion on June 27, 2009, less than a year and a half after their first meeting. Read More About Rhonj Divorce

They Started Sleeping Apart Due To Estrangement

Kendra Wilkinson, whose memoir “Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails, and Getting My S*xy Back” was out in 2011, recounts her transition from the lavish Playboy lifestyle to married life with NFL star Hank Baskett and motherhood with their son Hank Baskett Jr.

Kendra’s marriage problems with Hank and her depression were detailed in an interview published by InTouch Weekly prior to the release of her memoir. “I felt like I was in a black hole,” she said. I was brimming with pent-up rage. When I needed to cry and shout, I’d shut myself in my closet.

During the early years of their marriage, Kendra and Hank occasionally split up for the night. This sparked separation talks between the young couple. Unfortunately, that was the beginning and the end of their marriage. You can read about this Derrick Jaxn Divorce

2014 Brought Attention to Hank’s Alleged Cheating Incident

There was no hiding the fact that Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s marriage in its early years was rocky.

But in 2014, everything changed when it was reported that Hank had allegedly paid for an s*x session with transgender model Ava Sabrina London. She spoke with the Daily Mail about her interactions with Hank while his wife and daughter Alijah were expecting their second child. We are reading here Kendra And Hank Divorce.

Kendra confronted her husband on their reality show “Kendra On Top,” which ran for six seasons on WE tv, about the cheating scandal while she was eight months along in her pregnancy. A year later, in 2015, Hank opened up to People to share his story regarding London. “I didn’t engage in anything,” he said. “It was like a bank robbery. You never know when you’ll freeze. I don’t know if it was a couple of seconds or 15 seconds because I was saying, ” Get out, get out.”

Kendra opined: “Hank was very naïve and gullible. He thinks everybody is his friend. That led him to the hell that we’ve lived.” Read More Tom Wopat Net Worth

They Didn’t Seem to Benefit From Their Reality TV Appearances

According to IMDb, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett attended WE tv’s “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” in order to further their reality TV careers and to promote their reality TV show, “Kendra on Top,” which ran from 2012 to 2017.

Kendra And Hank Divorce

One video uploaded to YouTube in 2015 captures the pain they were both feelings, and the program demonstrated how the spotlight from the media was straining their relationship.

Hank told Kendra how hard it was to get up every day under everyone’s watchful eye. The suffering that you, Kendra, have to endure… Not going to lie, I’m freaking out. However, I am aware that the time is coming when I will no longer be able to hold in my suffering. For sure, it will be a pleasant experience. For sure, it is.

Although the couple’s stated goal for the show was to restore their marriage, tensions still ran high. Another video shows an angry Hank stating to his wife, “You’re telling me to stand up and fight, and I’m trying to walk away…” Kendra, however, interrupts him with a stern “Don’t be mad.” No woman would ever like you. After saying “F*** interviews,” he walks away. Read More About Veronika Rajek Divorce

Finally, Kendra and Hank Decided to Split Up

After nine years of ups and downs, Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett finally filed for divorce in April 2018.

In an Instagram post that has since been deleted, she informed her followers, “I did everything I could. It fell short of expectations. My heart will always be open to him, and my love for him will never die. Forever, I put my faith in him. I did. Perhaps it was never meant to be. Even if it scares me, I need to be brave for my family. I will.”

Kendra spoke out about co-parenting with Hank in 2021, years after their divorce was finalized, adding, “time helps all.”

It’s incredible to see Kendra transform like this. Her career is now heavily centered around real estate. Her own Discovery Plus show, “Kendra Sells Hollywood,” chronicles her efforts to juggle motherhood and a successful career. Kendra gave The List an exclusive interview about her experience.

After leaving the NFL in 2011, Hank began working with the video game development studio HBCustoms. And his Instagram posts show that he remains a devoted parent.

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