Lisa Hochstein Divorce: What Were The Reasons For Getting Divorced?

Lisa Hochstein Divorce: A lot of people are talking about the nasty divorce between Lisa and Lenny Hochstein, which has been documented in the media and on the Real Housewives of Miami. Lisa claims she was “blindsided” by Lenny’s decision to file for divorce, and she has been dragged through the mud for months by the father of her children and his side chick girlfriend.

I’m sure the divorce itself isn’t the problem; rather, it’s the fact that he supposedly (eye roll) began dating Katharina Mazepa while he was with Lisa, a claim he emphatically refutes.

Some of the RHOM cast members have hinted that this season will see the cast coming together to support Lisa as she goes through a difficult time. Guerdy Abraira has spoken out about how the Hochsteins’ split “shook” her in a new interview with Page Six, saying that it motivated her to work on her own marriage.

And that’s where my narrative with my own hubby takes a personal turn. And now I’m wondering if I’m safe at home if anything like this might happen so quickly and unexpectedly,” she remarked. Check this Veronika Rajek Divorce

Guerdy exposed the possibility that things are not as they appear on the surface, suggesting that trouble could be brewing in the background. “Just when you think you’ve got it all, you have to stop and ask, ‘Wait, are we OK?'” Are we okay, like, for real? Is there anything I’m missing? Am I missing anything?'” she asked. The quantity was substantial, as well. We are talking about here Lisa Hochstein Divorce.

You can see the first five episodes of RHOM right now on Peacock, and you can tell that Lenny isn’t interested at all. While it’s true that he was similarly disinterested in the previous season, the producers clearly took special delight in highlighting his cringeworthy antics this time around. His controversial use of a hot mic is the most memorable event up to this point.

Guerdy told Page Six that while the season focuses primarily on Lisa’s backstory, the couple’s marital problems are also on display. The hostess revealed that her husband isn’t afraid to say exactly what’s on his mind, teasing a moment from later in the season. Must Read Derrick Jaxn Divorce

When Lisa Told Us, We Were Extremely Touched

“That quiet man is talking the talk and…” Guerdy said. Are we OK? was a question I was afraid to ask since I didn’t know how he would react. And here I was imagining that he would shrug it off with a “Whatever” and walk away unscathed. And he responds with a flat “Yeah, about that.” And he gives it to me. Regardless, Guerdy claimed that the relationship was “1000 percent” stronger after going through everything they did this season.

Alexia Echevarria, who is unequivocally on team Lisa, claimed that she was “so impacted” by witnessing her friend’s divorce unfold as it did.

Alexia says that she felt the same way Guerdy did when she learned of Lenny’s infidelity through Lisa.

After returning home, I said, “Oh my God.” Like, you start to even doubt… She continued, “So I’m thinking, OK, well maybe I should start monitoring your phone or maybe I should start doing this.”

Still, in the end, it wasn’t just Alexia and Guerdy who started wondering things out loud. As the “Cuban Barbie” put it, “everyone was tested” by the complexity of their divorce. Read More About Rhonj Divorce

She explained, “When Lisa told us, we were extremely touched, and we all started analyzing our own relationships and all these different things that were going on with her. You know as a woman, but sometimes men just don’t want to see it.

Lisa Hochstein Divorce

Alexia and her husband are doing well, she said, and they’ve picked up some valuable lessons this season. ‘Thank God, I’m at such a wonderful place in my relationship and in my marriage,’ she exclaimed. But I think we’ve all grown as people as a result of what Lisa and Lenny have been through.

I’m hoping that the show will continue to explore Lenny and Lisa’s relationship when more details about their romance become public and that the reunion will include this material. is a good resource for further reading.

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