‘love Is Blind’ Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?

On its debut in 2020, “Love Is Blind” seemed like the weirdest dating show ever made.

For 10 days, fans were able to watch two strangers fall in love and then get engaged. After that, they witnessed the couples finally get to know each other in person before deciding whether or not to get married…

During the first season of the show, two couples got married, and the rest of the cast delivered memorable scenes in each episode.

Netflix updated fans last year on the cast members of a miniseries called “After the Altar,” which premiered in 2013.

Season two of “Love Is Blind,” which concludes on February 25 with a finale episode, is the perfect time to catch up with the cast members who helped make the show a hit.

The biggest love story to come out of “Love Is Blind” is that of Lauren Speed-Hamilton and her husband, Cameron. After they got married at the end of season one, they started a YouTube channel to chronicle their lives.

As seen in “After the Altar,” the couple admitted to being still deeply in love and considering starting a family.

Couples were eager to show off a deleted scene from season one that showed them talking about taking their dog to daycare.

On Instagram, Hamilton is adamant that he is in love with his wife. In honor of her birthday in November, he wrote a heartfelt message and shared a picture of the two of them.

Commenced with, “Happy birthday to my best friend!” the caption read. Then he thanked Speed-Hamilton for marrying him on her birthday three years earlier.

I’m your gift,” he quipped in jest. That’s because I’ve found happiness with you which was previously unattainable. It’s hard to put into words how much I adore you and everything about you.”

Viewers questioned Matthew Barnett’s relationship with Amber Pike after seeing him briefly interact with Jessica Batten in the pods. Pike’s debt was one of the topics that were addressed in the “After the Altar” episodes. Despite a few bumps in the road, they’re still together today.

Last month, Pike posted a “Year in Review” on her Instagram, which she and her boyfriend share frequently. She reminisced about some of the special times she had with Barnett over the past year in this video.

I know a lot of people have their opinions about Matt and me and how we live our life…nice, It’s to know that people care.” The past year only serves to reinforce that… IDGAF.”

Even if we had nothing else at the end of the day besides the fact that we get to spend our days together and spend time with our family and friends, I would say that our lives are good.”

Barnett, like his wife, posts a couple of photos and videos on his social media accounts. A photo of the couple and their dog, Koda, in front of a Christmas tree was shared on his social media pages for the occasion.

“Happy Holidays!” In the caption, he wrote, “I hope Santa was as good to you as he was to me.

For example, Giannina Milady Gibelli stormed the altar in her wedding gown in the season one finale after Damian Powers turned his back on her. When they appeared on the reunion show, the couple shocked the audience by revealing that they were working on their romance.

There were plenty of hints in “After the Altar” that Gibelli and Powers’ romance would come to an end due to their constant fighting and avoidance. Gibelli told Entertainment Tonight in August 2021 that they had broken up.

According to People, Gibelli is currently dating “The Bachelorette” star Blake Horstmann, although Gibelli has yet to confirm their relationship on social media. The two are said to have met on an upcoming Paramount+ competition series where reality stars from various shows will compete against one another.

As far as we can tell, Gibelli has been warmly welcomed into the world of The Bachelor. Some of Gibelli’s recent posts have received friendly comments from Victoria Paul and Kelsey Weir of “The Bachelor.”.

While this is going on, Powers appears to be close with Francesca Farago, the star of “Too Hot to Handle.” Powers invited Farago to the “Love Is Blind” reunion party during the “After the Altar” episodes, in which they discussed their friendship. Gibelli’s ex-fiancee did not believe Powers and Farago when they said they were just friends.

On his most recent Instagram post, Farago left a flame emoji in response to Powers’s photo.

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas were the subjects of the most skepticism among “Love Is Blind” viewers. Although Batten and Cuevas were engaged, she still harbored romantic feelings for Barnett. In the end, she decided not to wed Cuevas.

Benjamin McGrath proposed to Batten two years ago, and they are now engaged. When asked about the engagement in September 2021, she said, “I’m floating somewhere on cloud nine,” according to People.

When McGrath’s birthday came around on Jan. 14, Batten posted a series of adorable couple photos on Instagram. It is “my favorite holiday—my best friend’s birthday,” she wrote in the caption.

Even though Cuevas did not appear in “After the Altar,” he was still brought up in conversation by the other characters. LC Chamblin and Batten discussed Cuevas at the time and revealed that he was starting a family with Aubrey Rainey, to whom he was engaged.

Love Is Blind Season 1 Cast
Love Is Blind Season 1 Cast

Axton was born to Rainey and Cuevas on February 3.

To accompany an image of her and her husband holding their newborn, Cuevas wrote: “Sometimes’sooner rather than later’ becomes a reality and our baby boy decided to join the party.”

Season one of “Love Is Blind” featured six couples, but Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes were the least frequently seen. Last year’s special featured a brief mention of the relationship between Chase and Barnes.

There was an Instagram video of Chase making fun of her time on the show before the premiere of season two.

“I know many of the new cast will have these same thoughts, along with “what in the literal F just happened!?”,” she wrote in the caption.

On Tuesday, she wrote a heartfelt post about going to therapy for the first time. “I had an experience today that brought up a lot of apparently unhealed parts of me,” Chase said.

“Always, if you’ve been feeling any type of way about therapy, I hope you feel a bit lighter and less alone now,” she wrote at the end of the post.

Barnes and Alexandra Garrison had been dating for over a year when he told People magazine in 2020 that he was engaged to be married to her.

It was only last month that they were photographed together at a wedding.

Diamond Just a few episodes into the first season, Jack and Carlton Morton had an explosive breakup. In “After the Altar,” Morton apologized to Jack but later defended his actions and argued with Speed-Hamilton about the matter.

During “After the Altar,” Jack and Morton never reconnected, and she instead focused on her blossoming romance with Rumeal, a man she just met.

After a failed relationship with Rumeal, she told Essence magazine in August 2021 that she is now using dating apps.

“I was just like, ‘Okay.'” She said, “I’m going to start shooting my shot at guys I find attractive.”

The premiere of “The Love We Had” was also hosted by Jack recently. She shared the details of the event on her Instagram account.

The biggest love story to come out of “Love Is Blind” is that of Lauren Speed-Hamilton and her husband Cameron Hamilton. In the wake of their wedding at the end of season one, they began filming their lives on a YouTube channel.


Success stories like Lauren Speed-Hamilton and her husband Cameron Hamilton are the stuff of legend. After they got married at the end of season one, they started a YouTube channel to chronicle their daily activities. Stay join us for more latest updates at dailyrealtime.com.

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