Married at First Sight Season 13: Who Is Still Together (and Who’s Not)

After a half-year since the end of season 13, all the couples have had time to see if they are truly meant to be together or not.

to try and find common ground between couples based on their personalities once married. What’s left to be decided is whether or not the couples will remain together or break up.

Fans wonder whether the couple will be able to maintain their relationship after the show is over.

After a half-year since the end of season 13, all the couples have had time to see if they are truly meant to be together or not.

The five couples, all of whom hail from the Houston area, have had varying results when it comes to the length of their relationships.

Looking at them, viewers might be able to predict the future of the couples in season 14 (and possibly beyond) in the season finale.


Michaela Clark And Zack Freeman

The beginning of Michaela and Zack’s relationship was rocky, and it appeared that they would never be able to get back on track.

Zack’s COVID-19 illness forced the cancellation of their honeymoon, which the show uses as an opportunity for couples to get to know each other for the first time.

They ended their relationship on decision day, even though Michaela wanted to stay married even though Zach didn’t.

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Even at the show’s annual reunion, the two actors refused to speak to or appear next to each other on stage, indicating that they were not on good terms.

Zach and Michaela are no longer together, as it appears their union was doomed from the start.

Bao Huong Hoang And Johnny Lam

Bao and Johnny’s relationship didn’t even last until the end of the season, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. During the season finale, Bao politely requested that Johnny grant her a divorce, officially ending their union.

These two appeared to have the most potential, as they had previously been acquainted at the university level. Johnny made a number of mistakes in the marriage, such as talking poorly about Bao to one of Bao’s friends while she was out of the room.

Mafs Season 13
Mafs Season 13

Many viewers took to social media to express their displeasure with this behavior, as the two had become an unpopular couple.

However, they remained friendly and wished each other the best at the reunion. Although the two have broken up, this has confirmed that there was no rekindling and they are no longer together.

Myrla Féria And Gil Cuero

This season, only Gil and Myrla were willing to call it quits on their marriage at the show’s conclusion. Moving in together gave the couple confidence that their relationship was indeed serious.
They had a rough start, but they eventually admitted their love for each other and started dating.
Unfortunately, the two had bad news at the reunion. Myrla declared they were legally divorced and filed for divorce “You can’t go wrong with him; his personality, his looks, everything. But it’s clear that we’re not meant to be.”
The two went on to say that the initial emotional connection was not there, and even though they developed one, later on, they both felt it was a bit forced and would not be worth it in the long term.
The two have not been reunited and remain apart to this day.

Brett Layton And Ryan Ignasiak

As anyone who watched the show will tell you, Brett and Ryan were never meant to be together. He broke any trust he had built up with her by being caught on dating apps while they were still getting to know each other.

On decision day, the couple decided to call it quits as husband and wife before the season was even over.

At the season cast reunion, the two stated that they were still friends, despite a few shaky moments.

Their relationship seemed to be stable, but Ryan expressed regret for not having “the tough conversations” that were needed. Today, despite their friendship, the two are apart.

Rachel Gordillo And Jose San Miguel

Season 13’s other four lovebirds had already called it quits, leaving only these two to carry on the legacy. By 2021, they were still married, giving fans hope that at least one couple would last.

Sadly, the couple announced their divorce in a statement to People.

Aharen san wa Hakarenai 02 – XYZ

Because “this decision best serves our long-term future,” they said they had no choice but to make it. Rachel said in the reunion episode that they briefly broke up after the finale before Jose came back to her and they tried again and were successful for a while.

They had a rocky relationship. The happiness was short-lived, however, as the couple has since broken up.

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