Magia Record 25 (Fin) – A Record No One Knows

In the first step of the finale, Tamaki Iroha must be pulled out of the abyss she fell into after losing both Ui and Kuroe. First, Iroha takes out his rage on Kyuubey by shooting him three times in the face. Her doppelgänger, who claims she couldn’t save Ui or Kuroe because she never knew or understood them, is even more difficult to tamp down.

To be fair, Iroha is distraught, but thanks to Yachiyo and Mikazuki Villa’s timely arrival, she’s able to share her pain and failures with them, just as they shared joy and happiness in happier times. They share everything they know about each other, including their hopes and fears. So, Iroha can conjure an airship large enough to carry the quintet into Embryo Eye with maximum understanding.

It takes an entire army of magical girls to hold back Embryo Eye, but Iroha can fly past every obstacle to reunite with her two remaining sisters. To keep her alive for as long as possible, Nemu and Touka insist that she fall back and allow them to keep her safe. If they have to sully their hands or disappear, Iroha tells them that more time won’t make her happy. She wants to spend as much time with him as possible before he leaves for college.

The victory lasts only a few moments before we’re reminded that Alina Gray, the wild card, is still on the board and crazier than ever before. That’s all it takes to sabotage this battle: Alina, the only magical girl in this battle who cares about art and excitement above all else. She sacrifices herself to merge her Doppelganger with Embryo and Walpurgisnacht.

Magia Record 25
Magia Record 25

Iroha is powerless to stop Nemu and Touka from doing whatever they can to stop Alina from wreaking havoc on everyone, magical girl or not. Specifically, the Alina-Embryo Eye must be stopped from merging with Walpurgisnacht by summoning their doppelgängers, going into overdrive, and ultimately sacrificing themselves in the process.

Yachiyo wakes up on a train in space, wondering if she’s still alive after the explosion. Former villa sisters Mel and Kanae, as well as Momoko and Mifuyu, soon join her. Instead of being ghosts, they claim to be shards of their magic that continue to exist inside of Yachiyo. As a result, Yachiyo’s magical ability is now confirmed to be one of carrying on the hopes of others rather than the power to survive by sacrificing friends.

Finally, Iroha has one final conversation with her Doppel after saying goodbye to Ui (though Ui says a part of her remains with Iroha, specifically every time she experiences happiness). It is only now that Iroha understands her Doppel and no longer fears her, that she can maintain control of herself and use her doppel’s combined power with Ui’s collective power to connect every magical girl on the battlefield.

They’re not threads of despair, but ones of sisterhood and understanding. They all know each other, and each has a piece of themselves in their other magical girl family members. It’s a half-spear, half-crossbow bolt concocted by Yachiyo and her. Iroha fires the bolt, ending the Alina-Eye and dissolving Walpurgisnacht, declaring that no matter how sad or regretful she becomes, she will continue to live.

Iroha and Yachiyo are bathed in warm light by the clear sky, blue sky, and gleaming sun. Rejoicing in their victory, the rest of Mikazuki Villa follows suit. New occupants of Mikazuki Villa arrive after the credits, with framed pictures of former tenants including Yachiyo and her original group as well as Iroha and her little sisters, in some undetermined but not necessarily distant future.

It’s not like they’re anything special. Photos of the girls narrating their hardships, sacrifices, tears, and bloodshed reveal that no one will ever know what they’ve been through. Their failure, deception, and theft will remain a mystery to them, just as will the fights, reconciliations, and comfortings they had with one another.

Earthquakes, typhoons, and terrorist attacks all played a role in wreaking havoc on the city. Magical girls and their records will never be recorded, and to the rest of the world, they never existed at all.

It’s a fitting end to this strange world, both sombre and haunting. Iroha, on the other hand, could care less if anyone remembers her; all that matters is that she got to be a magical girl, save lives, and spend time with the people she cared about.

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