Pacific Rim 3 Release Date: Renewal Status & Cancellation in 2022!

When ‘Pacific Rim’ came out in 2013, it seemed to satisfy our mortals’ insatiable desire to be awed by amazing vistas. For many years, it existed in the same universe as the ‘Transformers franchise.

‘Pacific Rim,’ however, seemed to merge brawn and intelligence, unlike the previous series. It is unabashedly proud of its ridiculousness and thrives on a grand scale. Pacific Rim succeeded where many modern-day Transformers and Godzilla films have failed with their enormous characters.

Guillermo del Toro, the film’s inventive director, is responsible for a big chunk of the film’s success. It only goes to show that in the hands of great filmmakers, even a bizarre subject like enormous robots fighting giant monsters to save the Earth can be immensely hilarious and satisfying.

The sequel to ‘Pacific Rim’ was released in 2018 after the film’s phenomenal success. It was far from a flop, despite failing to match the critical and financial success of its predecessor.

The departure of many important cast members from the first picture affected it, as did the change in director.

‘Pacific Rim: Uprising,’ on the other hand, opened the way for a sequel. With ‘Pacific Rim 3’, the series might come full circle. So, let’s talk about the upcoming movie ‘Pacific Rim.’

But first, let’s go over what happened in the prior two movies. This will help us understand and anticipate the storyline in ‘Pacific Rim 3.


What Has Been Happening in the Pacific Rim?

The film ‘Pacific Rim’ depicts magnificent kaiju battles. This isn’t, however, a mindless action movie. At its foundation, ‘Pacific Rim’ is about relatable characters who are going through true emotional upheaval.

The film posits a cosmos in which alien monsters known as Kaijus use an undersea breach beneath the Pacific Ocean as a conduit to Earth.

To save the Earth, humans create massive Jaegers. Kaijus, on the other hand, frequently defeat machinery. Two pilots are joined by a neutral connection to control these massive robots.

pacific rim 3
pacific rim 3

Raleigh Becket is played by Charlie Hunnam, a disillusioned ex-Jaeger pilot who lost his companion and brother Yancy in a Kaiju battle. He faces his demons after being forced out of retirement owing to Kaiju’s threats becoming unacceptable.

Idris Elba portrays Marshal Stacker Pentecost, the leader of the Jaeger base, while Rinko Kikuchi portrays Mako Mori, Stacker’s adopted daughter. Mako and Raleigh form an instant relationship as pilots, although Mako is unable to handle a Jaeger due to Stacker’s secret.

On the other hand, a research team led by Dr. Newt Geiszler (Charlie Day) and Dr. Hermann Gottlieb (Burn Gorman) unravels the enigma of Kaijus. Alien forces use Kaijus, genetically engineered animals, to conquer Earth and destroy its life energy.

The Kaijus are all psychologically linked to becoming conscious of Newton’s progress. As Raleigh and Mako are forced to team up in the legendary yet ancient Gypsy Danger to save civilization, more Category VI and V Kaijus emerge.

‘Pacific Rim’ was a lot of fun. Surprisingly, it also drew you into the story, which is unusual in ludicrous monster vs. robots movies. The success of the first film resulted in high expectations for the sequel, ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising.’

The third installment was fundamentally different from the first two, and that made all the difference. To begin with, del Toro was no longer the director; he had been promoted to producer. The contribution of Steven S. DeKnight (‘Daredevil,’ ‘Spartacus’) was terrific, but he was no del Toro.

The loss of Hunnam’s Raleigh, though, was the most devastating blow. The plot, however, wants to be bigger and bolder than the preceding one. Jake Pentecost, the late Stacker Pentecost’s son, is played by John Boyega, and Nathan Lambert, Jake’s estranged co-pilot, is played by Scott Eastwood.

Charlie Day and Burn Gorman also return in their respective roles. The Precursors attack and retake Earth in this film, which has a convoluted plot. Since his connection with the Kaiju brain in the first film appears to have enduring and far-reaching ramifications, Dr. Newton, played by Day, is completely under Precursors’ power.

Jake instantly sees Newton’s trap, but three Kaijus reappear on Earth before the hole can be repaired. As the stakes mount, the three pilots take command of three deadly Jaegers. Kaijus band together to form a massive Kaiju, escalating the battle with the lone remaining Jaeger.

The picture was not a total disappointment, but it dealt with almost identical territory to the first, albeit on a much larger scale.

It was nevertheless a lot of fun to see; the visual effects, action scenes, and technical marvels were all incredible, and the key performances were all excellent. The film’s climax, on the other hand, sets the stage for some intriguing future occurrences.

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What Will the Plot of Pacific Rim 3 Be About?

As I already stated, the climax of ‘Uprising’ excites me the most. Following Newton’s capture, he warns that the Precursors will continue to assault, posing new threats.

Jake declares at the end of the movie that humanity will take the fight to them this time. Throughout the third film’s trip into the breach in literal English, Precursors will face off against humanity and their Jaegers.

The choice to shift the fight to the planet of the Precursors could have several interesting ramifications. In the overwhelming enemy land, the pilots and Jaegers will survive.

It may conjure good memories of the ‘Alien’ series in some respects but in a positive way. The exciting plot, survivalist instincts, and the madness of the dominating aliens are only a few of the things that could compromise the psychological health of the human heroes.

Finally, we don’t rule out Hunnam repeating his role as Raleigh in a third film. As a result, volunteering as a veteran could be a rewarding experience.

When Will Pacific Rim 3 Will Release?

The first two films are five years apart. Even if the sequel does not follow the same format as the first, 2020 feels like a ridiculously early release date for the film. Following the lackluster success of ‘Uprising,’ manufacturers will be cautious in their trading and will not hurry things.

The third, on the other hand, tells a more comprehensive story. As a result, Pacific Rim 3 is expected to be released around 2022 or 2023. However, no formal confirmation from the parties involved has been obtained.

Guillermo del Toro Has No Plans to Return

Following the first film’s mediocre box office performance (considering its large budget), Warner Bros. and Legendary decided to make a sequel. Del Toro worked on it for a long time and planned to direct his version of “Pacific Rim 2.” Regrettably, timing became a problem. In 2017, del Toro told Collider that he ultimately decided to shoot “The Shape of Water,” which went on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. According to the director,

“The timing began to irritate me. I had this small film, The Shape of Water, that I was dying to do. ‘Let’s go to Pacific Rim,’ I offered at one time when it was either Justice League Dark or Pacific Rim. The truth is that they said, ‘We’re going to have to postpone,’ because Legendary was about to be sold to China, to a Chinese firm [named the Wanda Group]. They said, ‘We have to wait nine months,’ and I said, ‘I’m not waiting nine months, I’m shooting a movie,’ so I went and shot [The Shape of Water], and Steven DeKnight was the director we chose.”

After taking a sabbatical, filmmakers will occasionally return to franchises. However, del Toro has stated on Twitter that he has no such intentions, but he did imply (from the perspective of a fan) that “Pacific Rim” and the MonsterVerse, which includes the current “Godzilla” and “King Kong” films, may share space. According to the filmmaker,

“I enjoy witnessing the neon, sea battles, building demolition, and other scenes because I believe that the PAC RIM Universe coexists with the LEGENDARY Kaijuverse and that one day they will be able to rumble!”

“Talking just as a fan BTW – NO intentions to return,” del Toro confirmed in a tweet that followed. So don’t get too excited.

Pacific Rim 3 Would Have Set Up a Massive Crossover

“Pacific Rim 3” will not be made, according to Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. Given that “Uprising” did not perform well critically or commercially, this makes sense. Director Steven S. DeKnight said that tentative plans for something significant have been put in place. He disclosed on Twitter that del Toro’s theory would have been proven right in the end:

If DeKnight’s suggested version of “Pacific Rim 3” had been made, the movie’s monsters and Jaegers would have been merged with Godzilla and King Kong at the end. It’s unclear how that would have happened, but it would have been massive, both literally and metaphorically. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see something like this.

It Doesn’t Make Financial Sense

The truth is that, at the end of the day, the movie industry is a business. Movies must make financial sense to exist, especially when it comes to a high-budget blockbuster sequel. To that end, “Uprising” continued the “Pacific Rim” series’ deteriorating trend, and it barely squeaked by in the first place. “Pacific Rim 3” would be difficult to sell, according to the studio.

“Pacific Rim” earned a respectable $411 million worldwide. However, the film’s $190 million production costs put a significant dent in its earnings. However, such worldwide returns were sufficient to warrant a follow-up. The problem is that “Pacific Rim: Uprising” was critically panned and grossly underperformed, grossing only $290 million worldwide. There was little reason to believe that a third film, even with its reduced $155 million budget, would be enough of a course correction to warrant another big expenditure.

Having said that, there’s no reason to believe “Pacific Rim 3” will happen at this time. The good news is that the franchise isn’t completely gone, and fans can still expect fresh content.

Netflix to the Rescue

In the year 2021, Netflix published “Pacific Rim: The Black,” an anime series based on this scenario. The show was well-received by fans and drew a large enough following on Netflix to justify a second season. As a result, we can expect a second season of the show at some time. In addition, Legendary has released several comic books set in that setting, including “Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero.”

While a film is unlikely (at least for the time being), it’s evident that there’s still some gas in the tank, and Legendary is keen to keep the series alive in some way. Those hoping to watch “Pacific Rim 3” aren’t completely out of luck by any stretch of the imagination.

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