Every Connection Between the “Original Pretty Little Liars”

Despite the lack of direct ties between HBO Max’s fresh new Pretty Little Liars: First Sin and its predecessor, fans of the original Pretty Little Liars are still searching for Easter eggs.

The last time we saw Lucy Hale’s Aria, Emily Shay Mitchell’s Hanna Ashley Benson, and Troian Bellisario onscreen were almost five years ago, so let’s go back in time and see what happened. ‘Pretty Little Liars was a television series that was based on the Sara Shepard book series of the same name. This is how it goes: Texts from “A” follow the death of their friend Allison and threaten to expose the secrets of the four ex-best friends. Throughout seven seasons, the girls worked together to uncover an anonymous assailant who was threatening to expose the girls’ innermost secrets.

A masked assailant threatens to uncover the Little Liars’ darkest secrets in the upcoming spin-off PLL: Original Sin starring Bailee Madison as Imogen Adams, Noa Olivar as Maia Reficco, and Chandler Kinney and Malia Pyles and Zaria as Minnie Honrada and Faran Bryant. According to PLL, the terrifying experience the young girls are having can be traced back to a horrific event that occurred 20 years ago.

In September 2020, Riverdale creator and showrunner Robert Aguirre-Sacasa was given the green light to remake the adolescent drama PLL. Since then, fans of the original PLL have been impatiently expecting its debut. Our five new liars live in Millwood, and viewers are eager to see if any traces of Rosewood make their way there.

Find storyline Easter eggs and references to great horror movies in this list of connections between Pretty Little Liars and Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.

Luis Castillo Should Remain With Reds


‘a’ is Back in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

“A,” who first appeared in the teaser trailer released on June 15, is back, but this time he’s sporting a mask with no face. As with the original “A,” this “A” signs its menacing texts with the initial. With the new girls receiving their first text message, it’s clear to notice the similarities – “We’ve made it this far. With five more to go. – A”—and Aria reading her first text message to the group—”I’m still here, bitches. And I’ve figured it all out. – A. -“

Both Series Are Set in Pennsylvania

To Philly Voice’s knowledge, the original PLL is modeled on the real-life upper-middle-class suburb of Rosemont, which is a fictional town adjacent to Philadelphia. HBO Max describes the community of Millwood, where Original Sin is placed, as a “blue-collar town” near Rosewood. Since Rosewood is so close, we may catch sight of it.

There’s a Controversial Adult and High Schooler Relationship

When it comes to adult/high-school romances, it appears like history is repeating itself. Our local movie theatre manager Wes, who has already graduated from college and works at Tabby’s company, almost gets a kiss from her in the first episode of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. Aria and Ezra’s tumultuous relationship on Pretty Little Liars appears to be mirrored here. In the beginning, Aria was Ezra’s student. Big oohs and ahhs.

There Are Twins in Both the Original and Reboot

Is having twins a double whammy? It appears that the creators of both Pretty Little Liars and Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin believe this. Mallory Bechtel and Alison DiLaurentis play identical twins Karen and Kelly Beasley in the remake, while Alison and Courtney DiLaurentis are important characters in the books. Karen and Kelly, like Alison and Courtney, have a thing for pretending to be one another. After pretending to be Karen while chatting to Millwood High School administrator Marshall Clanton, PLL: Original Sin’s “Chapter Two: The Spirit Queen” demonstrates this (Robert Stanton).

At the end of Chapter 2, Karen is thrown from the rafters of the school gym and dies instantly. However, since the girls frequently impersonate each other, the issue arises as to whether or not Karen was the one who died. Imogen, who had been acquainted with the twins, thought she’d approached Karen at the dance, but the girl claimed to be Kelly instead. Kelly died if the switch idea is correct, implying that Karen is still alive.

Pretty Little Liars Original Sin

Does this sound familiar to you? It is revealed in the first season of PLL that Alison is being held captive at a mental institution called The Preserve because Courtney is pretending to be her. After escaping, the real Alison returns to kill her sister Courtney (aka fake Alison). They mistakenly believe they’ve located Alison’s body as Courtney’s. Later in the book series, we learn that Alison is still living, and Courtney is dead.

According to Lindsay Calhoon Bring, the co-creator of PLL: Original Sin, “It’s a lot of fun.” “Throughout the season, we find out if it’s Karen or Kelly. That is a lot of fun. We believe that Karen and Kelly have a long history of tricking people and playing with people, therefore we believe that they could deceive anyone. What a pair of astute young ladies that two are.”

All and All: Original Sin Uses the Same Song in Their Opening Credits

Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna kneel before Alison’s coffin in front of the haunting melody “Secrets” by The Pierces in the original PLL opening credits. Our new Liars’ images are being destroyed while the ominous ‘A’ sings the iconic lyrics of “Got a secret, can you keep it?”

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Pays Homage to Many Horror Movie Classics

In the same way that Tabby is a film enthusiast, we’ve been conducting some studies on movie allusions. There are other films from the slasher genre that share the new slasher vibe that Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin has. A scene from Carrie appears in the twins’ plan to paint Imogen red when she accepts the Spirit Queen title, while a phrase from Scream appears in the first anonymous text Tabby gets from the mysterious ‘A,’ which asks, “What’s your favorite horror movie?”. Even the show’s key art poster for I Know What You Did Last Summer, an early-to-mid 1990s teen horror film, seems like it might be an advertisement for PLL: Original Sin.

As we’ve already seen in the first three episodes, there will be many more horror movie allusions and Easter eggs to look forward to in Season 4.

As writers and creators, Lindsay and I are big fans of the series, Roberto tells TVLine. In other words, we’re a bunch of die-hards. We’re crazy about this. The crossover episodes are what we look forward to the most.” We wanted to build a brand for our community and our girls without being associated with the original, iconic franchise at least in the beginning.”

When you get to the sixth episode, “the Easter eggs—and more than Easter eggs—start coming fast and furious.” According to the show’s executive producer, there will be “enormous” references to the original Pretty Little Liars “till practically the final moment of every episode.”

So keep your eyes open and this page at the ready because you never know what nasty secrets we’ll unearth while watching Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. — This is a

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